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@rusty1 and @DaGrowly Bear I made changes, when logged in on GitHub you can download a test version from the bottom of this page:
Please let me know if that fixes it for you.
Sorry for the delayed response. I installed the macos-x86_64 version. I am still seeing the issue unresolved. If I choose a Group Folder as the scene, the source list is empty. If I choose the parent Scene, that the Group Folder lives in, it does not list any of the sources that are inside of the Group folder.


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@gamingop the old graphics card should not be the problem, I have the same. Can you with an older working version of the plugin open the settings from the NVIDIA AR filter and provide those settings to me so I can replicate and fix the issue?

Sorry for the late reply. I decided that the problem was mine, so I looked for a solution. The conclusion was that my nvidia sdk version was out of date, so it didn't work. It currently works well in version 0.8.2.


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@Teslivery did you follow this tutorial?

@Teslivery did you follow this tutorial?
Yes, I did. So installer does everything as per video. Then when I open OBS, create a scene, pull up the filters, all filters are there, but MOVE is not there. I tried while OBS is open, tried while OBS is closed. I even restarted macbook, but nothing helps. The installation completes as normal, but MOVE does not appear. Any other tips?
I have a scene with several cameras scaled down that I have set with move transitions and hotkeys to zoom into them and move around, Is there a way to make it so that instead of zooming in and losing video quality the sources scall up to keep their quality? Also is there a way to have the sound for the sources raise the volume of the one I am zoomed into while lowering the others? Ideally done in the scenes filter secrion since I have a master scene that I bring them in with a scene source.


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@exceldro I am noticing that on MAC the move transition plugin will not get the transform parameters. Not sure what is going on here. I love all the work you do so this is very important to my show. Please any assistance you or crowd sources on the forum may offer is appreciated.


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Exeldro submitted a new resource:

Move transition - Transition that moves all sources to a new position
@theRealMPU is it the get transform button that does not work for you? Does it work when you type the transform you want?
This is correct. "Get transform" does not work. If I manually enter parameters, it will do the transform, but it is not the easiest thing to figure out. I am really excited about the possibilities I have seen demonstrated on Windows OBS versions.

Read more about this resource...


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Hello, the plugin does not work for me, it does not get the coordinates of the new camera position when I click on the get transformation button. Is there any way to solve this?
Is there a way to get sources to scale up when a move filter is used to zoom into them? I have a scene with several videos playing in it with a zoomed out filter that sees them all and zoom in filters to fullscreen the individual videos. Works great but the zoomed in zersions have terrible resolution. Is there a way to get the videos to scale up when I zoom into them?


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This is a bit of a longer description, so bear with me.

I have three scenes; let's call them Scenes A, B, and C. Scenes A and B each have one Display Capture type source. Let's call these sources Display 1 (in Scene A) and Display 2 (in Scene B). In practice, Scene A is my programming IDE, and Scene B is PowerPoint slides.

I want to be able to switch between A and B so that their sources fill up the whole program output.

Now, Scene C is so that I display Scenes A and B simultaneously so that A fills the whole screen and B fills ca. 1/4 of the screen and is on top of A. This is fine so far.

MY GOAL: I want to use Move transform when I switch to C to decrease the size of the source Display 2 slightly. Similarly, when I switch out of C (say, to Scene A), I want to use Move transform to increase the size of Display 2 to its original size. The reason for this is that I want to use a drop shadow filter (Stroke Glow Shadow 1.0.2) on Scene B to make it stand out a bit better when laid on top of Scene A. However, the drop shadow only seems to apply when the display capture's size is reduced and NOT to fill the whole program area.

PROBLEM: How can I apply the Move transform (size decrease of source Display 2) when I switch to Scene C, and apply another Move transform (size increase of source Display 2) when I switch AWAY from Scene C, that is, to any other scene? I use Stream Deck, and of course, it is possible to use Multi Action to achieve this, but that is definitely not an ideal solution.


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Hi Thank you so much for your reply apologies on my delay replying I have just tried this out with both installation files.. still no joy Has anything changed in this does it show I have tried to install both versions?
Blessings & Blessings hope all is well, I have still Trying to get this to work... Any updates on the above please installed all versions still no joy.. Has anyone got it to work on Mac?


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I can get the move transition to work when I use my keyboard but not with Elgato Stream deck. I got the latest plugin and update from Elgato and now it doesn't register when I push the hotkey to move the scene. Any help?


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@NorkDorf are both OBS and stream deck software running in the same userspace? So or both as admin or both not as admin.

I advice not to use hotkeys, but add a button to the stream deck to enable a move filter.


And bump. Anyone, please? For now using a workaround with Advanced Scene Switcher that just does it when switching to chosen scenes. But that's not perfect as it's not dynamic and my scene setup could change anytime. Is it achievable with Move itself based on position alone?
And bump
Why is it that everytime i close OBS the move sources don't work when i start OBS again? Each time before stream i have to fix it. Cost a lot of time. I have the latest Move plugin and the latest OBS.


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Tried to search and see if anyone has asked this, but for the Move Source Filter, is there a way to have the filter toggle the "Auto" option for Camera settings?


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Is it working on OBS v30.0?
Unfortunately, it's been strangely missing from my transitions ever since updating.

I updated to the newest version, and even though my logs say that it should be loaded up in the plugins, I don't see it in the scene transitions dropdown and my scenes have now defaulted to a fade transition.


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