MacOS Screen Capture FREEZING


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Newest Version of OBS 29.1, I will be reacting to YouTube videos and the screen recording will freeze audio and video outputs will stop working. Please see example attached. Apologies for having to watch my reaction but this clip shows in real time what happened. I am not tech savvy all settings are default and I have uninstalled twice and wiped out my settings folder it is 100% default and continues to do this.

3:23 is where I pause and it freezes on this frame
5:35 is where I resume the video and input is gone

Video link to unlisted video ------>

spacebar was not used to pause the video I only used mouse clicks. PLEASE HELP!!!


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I want to remember that this issue still exist among many Mac Users. I am on M2 Ultra Mac Studio / MacOS Ventura 13.5.2 and the moment I open OBS my second monitor (Thunderbolt Display 27") freezes videos (youtube, twitch, etc) and websites (artefacts of next frame moving like a trail where the mouse is) between 0,2 and 4 seconds. The videos only play without any isssues if I permanently move the browser window that displays the video (no joke).

Very annoying bug. No chance of fix for years now.