screen capture fail

  1. L

    Twisted image when recording screen with crop

    Hello, I'm a beginner with OBS, and I'm trying to record my screen with 2 outputs videos : 1. One which is (nearly) full screen 2. One which is a specific part of the screen (cropped) The problem is that when I record the specific part (2.), the rendering is twisted/bended, as shown in...
  2. Anshu_10

    OBS crashes immediately after selecting the screen. It was working fine before today.

    Hi, I use OBS exclusively to record my screen for some lectures. It was working fine until an auto-update happened yesterday. Now whenever I select my scree to capture, OBS crashes.
  3. T

    Black bars displaying on image output

    I set up my new scene that I plan to use just for screenshot captures. And I made a new Display Capture source that has a "Crop/Pad" filter on that crops to exactly where on my screen I want captured. But when I use OBS's screen capture hotkey, my image comes out like the attached - a black bar...
  4. T

    Screen Capture Not Working

    Has anyone ever seen this? My screen capture device isn't displaying within the OBS window, but when I check it's properties it works fine.
  5. M

    MacOS Screen Capture FREEZING

    Newest Version of OBS 29.1, I will be reacting to YouTube videos and the screen recording will freeze audio and video outputs will stop working. Please see example attached. Apologies for having to watch my reaction but this clip shows in real time what happened. I am not tech savvy all settings...
  6. RedLion

    Screen Recording stops when plugging in headset

    Let me preface this that the problem occured to my sister, she is not tech-savvy, and I am trying to help her over the phone, as she lives abroad. She would like to record a few online interviews for her studies, so I suggested OBS studio to her. So we tested over a Skype call and noticed that...
  7. Q

    Question / Help is it possible to screencast the whole screen?

    The reason I am asking is I want to be able to do a screencast with a recording of me talking with maybe a picture of me in the corner and I want to do it via OBS. I think I know how to do most of it, except for one thing. I want the whole screen to be included in the screencast. What do I do...
  8. U

    Question / Help OBS unicast screen capture issue

    Hi everyone, I need you assitance with a project that I am working on. So the project is about unicasting a OBS screen capture of a PC to a encoder that takes in IP and converts it into a QAM output (TV programming).The QAM output goes to our internal cable TV system that puts out Digital...
  9. T

    Question / Help OBS not recording slideshows in windows 10.

    I recently bought Lenovo ideapad 520 with Windows 10, 8gb ram and NVIDIA grforce. I was earlier using HP window 7 with AMD radeon graphic card and was having no problem while streaming slideshows live on YouTube, but now OBS is not working properly on Windows 10. I am attaching two screen shots...
  10. N

    Question / Help Screen Capture don't work

    Hello, I have a problem with the screen capture. It doesn't work on my computer, when I use it I have a black screen (it works before) but it works on the computer of my friend. What's the problem, what did I do wrong ? Thanks for your future answers. Nathane964
  11. F

    Question / Help Need help to view application as obs source.

    Have a full screen application that I am trying to view as an OBS source. I have tried Window, Screen, and Display Capture. When I tried display capture it shows nothing. When I try window is shows some options but not the application I am trying to broadcast, and nothing in display...