Screen Recording stops when plugging in headset


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Let me preface this that the problem occured to my sister, she is not tech-savvy, and I am trying to help her over the phone, as she lives abroad. She would like to record a few online interviews for her studies, so I suggested OBS studio to her.

So we tested over a Skype call and noticed that the recording stopped, according to her, when she plugged in her headphones (Iphone headset). I checked all the usual suspects, the timer and the hotkeys, in case it was just bad timing. I also looked at the log file, but couldn't find anything.
I have seen the case when the audio track goes mute when plugging in headphones, if the Desktop Audio is not assigned the same source as OBS, but never heard of this issue before. I told my sister to not plug or unplug anything while she is recording, but nevertheless I would like to figure out what's the cause of this.
Maybe you can find anything in the log that I haven't seen? She's using a fairly recent MS Surface btw.

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