1. B

    Stream Freezing

    Obs keeps freezing at weird moments with an unexplainable like icon showing up on the screen. It has only happened three times so far, I thought that I just needed to upgrade my Mac studio since it first happened on the old version. But it is continuing to happen even when I updated to Sonoma. I...
  2. V

    New to OBS, and OBS keeps crashing!

    So I've been having a hard time trying to figure out how to set everything up and I've slowly started to get the hang of it, that is until OBS decided to either crash/freeze whenever I stop recording and also keep recording even though I've stopped recording a.k.a. "stopping recoding". Here's...
  3. M

    MacOS Screen Capture FREEZING

    Newest Version of OBS 29.1, I will be reacting to YouTube videos and the screen recording will freeze audio and video outputs will stop working. Please see example attached. Apologies for having to watch my reaction but this clip shows in real time what happened. I am not tech savvy all settings...
  4. X

    OBS freezes randomly

    Hi there, since some time my OBS freezes randomly. The preview freezes and the bitrate shows 0 kb. For the viewers the stream is then gone too. When I press the "end stream" button, OBS tries to end the stream but nothing happens. The only way then is to quit OBS via the task manager. I have...
  5. The Shadowed

    Full System Freeze when OBS is open, streaming or, recording

    I am at the end of options in trying to fix this issue. Whenever I have obs open whether I'm streaming, recording, or just having it open, within 5-30 min it causes my PC to freeze with no crash logs or BSOD. Forcing me to reset manually restart my PC These are the steps I've taken...
  6. M

    stream freezes but audio continues

    my stream freezes randomly, it never did that before. i dont know what log it is so i put both
  7. A

    Captured app freezes

    Having some problems with streaming. The camera video is totally fine as well as the audio. The problem is window capture - it freezes and is shown not smoothly, but in leaps. The captured app is Notion.Tried to play with settings - never gets better. It also doesn't depend on whether I'm live...
  8. A

    Question / Help OBS with webcam stops working

    Hi. I have a problem with OBS studio. After I add a new scene with my webcam Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 OBS Studio will become unresponsive and also will freeze my computer having my to shutdown from the power button. If I reinstall OBS Studio and use no webcam, no scene, everything works okay...