obs 29.1

  1. V

    New to OBS, and OBS keeps crashing!

    So I've been having a hard time trying to figure out how to set everything up and I've slowly started to get the hang of it, that is until OBS decided to either crash/freeze whenever I stop recording and also keep recording even though I've stopped recording a.k.a. "stopping recoding". Here's...
  2. M

    MacOS Screen Capture FREEZING

    Newest Version of OBS 29.1, I will be reacting to YouTube videos and the screen recording will freeze audio and video outputs will stop working. Please see example attached. Apologies for having to watch my reaction but this clip shows in real time what happened. I am not tech savvy all settings...
  3. G

    OBS 29.1 & Apple VT Soft/Hardware Encoder Problem

    I have discovered that I can no longer OUTPUT via Apple VT Software or Hardware Encoders when broadcasting to Twitch. I can RECORD via Apple VT Encoders. Switching to x264 Encoder does broadcast to Twitch, but it is not preferential as the CPU is burdened by game software (Minecraft) and other...
  4. Meza

    OBS 29.1 UI/System Hang

    I don't know how to describe this one without people misunderstanding the issue. Ever since OBS 29.1, whenever I'm streaming, my system's window manager seems to take a severe beating. The CPU usage is at 1.7%, the GPU usage is normal, the memory is normal. The log file analyzer finds no issues...