OBS 29.1 UI/System Hang


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I don't know how to describe this one without people misunderstanding the issue.
Ever since OBS 29.1, whenever I'm streaming, my system's window manager seems to take a severe beating.
The CPU usage is at 1.7%, the GPU usage is normal, the memory is normal.
The log file analyzer finds no issues whatsoever and the game runs smooth as butter.

What doesn't work well is alt-tabbing around in windows, clicking into my chat window for example, typing characters outside of the game anywhere.

It feels like the window/input manager is somehow effected and I can't figure out why.

I am running OBS 29.1 in Portable Mode.
Here's the analyze output: https://obsproject.com/logs/H3yXfRMB5Km04O8P

Has anyone else run into this issue?
Is there a fix?
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Running your log file through the OBS Log Analyzer gives the following results:
My only comment would be that you are running a large number of plugins and that maybe one or some of them are responsible. Have you checked to see if there are any updates for OBS 29.1


Windows !!, so expect issues with pretty much anything you run
Likely that and anything that interfaces with the graphics stack like your blur and shader filter plugins
Coupled with something that changed in 29.1 See the Change log
Just roll back OBS