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    How to fix lag/stuttering on Mac for streaming games

    Not sure if this works for all macs but this solution worked for me (2021 M1 Pro MacBook). Last week I tried streaming a game (Stardew Valley), and while the game ran perfectly fine for me on my screen, the output from OBS was dropping tons of frames and lagging half a second behind. To fix...
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    OBS Studio Crashing on Startup via Mac Pro

    Anytime I open OBS Studio it'll just give me an error message saying it crashed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, but doesn't seem to work. I am just using OBS Studio to capture my screen while my PC laptop is streaming the content. Thanks for your help! This is the error...
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    Setting OBS for VHS capture

    I would like to know how to correctly set OBS to record on my MAC a VHS read in a VCR, the signal comes out through its rear HDMI socket which is connected to a RYBOZEN capture box and the RYBOZEN is connected in USB 3 to my MAC and I I am using OBS latest version but I don't know how best to...
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    Mic audio echoing and robotic sound.. Help pls!

    Alright so I'm new to OBS and just trying to get the basics for my stream up and running on twitch. Im working with a Macbook Pro, an Elgato HD60S+, Xbox One S and a Blue Snowball usb mic. The good news is I have the most important thing the gameplay coming through but there is no audio. But I'm...
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    Question / Help NEW MAC OBS SETUP bitrate / encoder / fps / reso - SMART but LOST girl ):

    Greetings! Thanks in advance for your time! Essentially, I'm "new" to OBS and recently have been fortunate enough to switch to Macintosh, however I am pretty thoroughly self taught coming from a seemingly tech savvy family. / set of friends and of course endless helpful FORUMS. With that being...