How to read/identify log file errors? (Obs crashed twice 5-10mins into Youtube livestream)


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Hi there, new user here.

About 2 weeks ago I've setup a new PC dedicated for my church to use as pro-presenter & obs streaming platform connected to Atem Mini Pro. We're running fine on the first week, during the subsequent week we ran into major stuttering during the intro video playback on Pro-presenter, and from what I can gather (I'm not monitoring the pc that time, my media team was) OBS crashed once during that period, and we had to restart it to re-stream, and then it crashed again during the 1st song.

I'm suspecting it could be gpu driver timeout/crash, however im not so certain. Attached zip file here are the logs from obs crash and windows event log about what happened.
For summary this is our system:

CPU: Ryzen 3600
GPU: MSi 1050Ti Aero (3 monitor out: 1 main screen, 2 into ATEM: propresenter audience & overlay) + Asus GT710 (4th output into 2ndary screen for monitoring obs , atem control software, youtube on chrome & other system stats)
RAM: 16Gb Gammix D10 XMP
SSD: PNY CS1031 512 NVME
Mobo: Asrock B450M pro4
PSU: 550W 80+ bronze
Audio monitor: Steinberg UR12 (for monitoring audio in obs only), PC speaker out goes into our Yamaha mixerboard for live sound playback.

In windows setting i had GPU scheduling enabled, nvidia control panel if i rmbr correctly we had pro presenter, & obs set to be handled by 1050ti only, physx was set to auto. A weird thing I noticed was that when we had the 2ndary screen running obs, chrome and atem control, the compute & 3d process on gt710 is bottlenecking 97-100% the whole time, all other hardware are nowhere near 25% usage the whole time all the software are running. Another thing to note is that we're experiencing jitters & long stutter on obs listening through steinberg ur12 during this session, audio playing from Motherboard speaker out is totally fine.

A couple things I'm thinking of trying before the weekend rolls in to see if it will resolve the issue: Disable windows gpu scheduling, disable hardware/gpu acceleration on propresenter, browser; set nvidia global 3d settings etc to be handled by 1050ti only, phsyx to be handled by cpu, OR use x264 fast/medium encoding for obs.during stream.

Let me know if i missed anything.


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Check your Drivers and disable Norton
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Check your Drivers and disable Norton

Thanks mate, I actually ran the log files into the analyzer right before you posted. Most of what is summarized in the analyzer are symptoms i kind of notice already.

One thing that's bugging me is the cause of rendering & encoding lag happening during stream. Could it be something to do with how the system allocates the computing/rendering tasks to a default gpu (the 1st gpu installed in is the GT710, before the 1050ti arrived few days later)?


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