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  1. G

    OBS Suddenly Crashing

    Hi all, I am on the latest version of OBS 29.0.2 (64-bit) and a few times over the past week OBS has crashed without warning. There seems to be no common thread either between incidents. Some have come when streaming, some have come when we are just recording content. Attached is the crash...
  2. D

    OBS crashes everytime I close it! Here are the log files. Thank you!

    OBS crashes everytime I close it! Here are the log files. Thank you!
  3. J

    OBS Randomly Crashing

    Hey all! I have been an OBS user for several years and am encountering a new issue. Since last night my OBS has started randomly crashing and I am unsure why. I have tried looking at the logs but none of it makes sense to me. I have not changed anything recently, with the exception of the latest...
  4. J

    Sometimes OBS freezes whole computer while recording

    Hello, I am on the latest version of OBS Studio (27.2.4) and sometimes while I am recording and playing a game (specifically MapleStory it seems), my whole computer will just freeze and I'll need to force it to shutdown, which I hate doing. What is going on? I play in Windowed mode, and...
  5. B

    OBS Crashes then restarts my pc or sometimes just says driver failure

    my drivers are up to date but when i downgrade my driver to an older one it works fine help me please the specs of my pc are CPU: i7 3770 RAM: 16 GB STORAGE: 256 GB SSD and 2 TB HDD GPU: RX 550 4GB MOBO: Intel also the version that crashes my pc is the 22.5.2 the old versions work fine so idk...
  6. HershTV


    Been having OBS crashing issues which started about a month ago, I have pasted logs below if someone can help or knows why. This would be a big help, I'm tired of my stream crashing once a day!
  7. Y

    OBS crashed before it can even open

    Hi! i even tried uninstalling it and re-installing it and it didn't work... I hope someone can help me out I think it might be a vst plugin that is causing it to crash, but i can't figure out which one it is since ,quite frankly I'm a noob lol. I use a few vst plugins for my music in ableton so...
  8. Varu


    Hello guys I have some problems with OBS for the past 2 days. It crashed randomly when i'm switching scenes or when i start the program. I have Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i9-9900KF, RTX 2060, no overclocking. My internet speed is 1gb/s, i think it's a software problem... Have anyone experienced...
  9. TrueShaden

    Replay buffer doesn't save or cancel and keep running in background using Nvenc h264 new

    When i hit the replay buffer it's launching but not saving any clip using shortcut then i try to close obs but it keeps running indefinitely in the background because of the replay buffer not closing. I use Nvenc h264 new doesn't works everytime. When i change some settings it only works...
  10. P

    OBS Stream Encoding crash after sometime "CPU - Streaming/Ryzen 7 3700x"

    Streaming machine ►CPU - AMD Ryzen 7™ 3700x 3.60 - 4.40GHz ►GPU - EVGA GEFORCE RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING 8G ►MOB - ASRock B450 Steel Legend ►PSU - Deepcool DQ750ST ►PC CASE - Deepcool Matrexx 50 ►RAM Kingston HyperX FURY 4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz ►Water Cooler - Deepcool GAMMAXX L240 V2 ►SSD -...
  11. K

    How to read/identify log file errors? (Obs crashed twice 5-10mins into Youtube livestream)

    Hi there, new user here. About 2 weeks ago I've setup a new PC dedicated for my church to use as pro-presenter & obs streaming platform connected to Atem Mini Pro. We're running fine on the first week, during the subsequent week we ran into major stuttering during the intro video playback on...
  12. booterflies

    OBS crashing when trying to upload/insert an image/media source

    I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance. I was looking into some of the forum threads, but I'm still unsure as to which one correlates with my issue, if at all. I am having issues trying to upload/insert an image into OBS. The moment I try searching for an image, it crashes and brings up...
  13. L

    Question / Help OBS crashing on startup on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hey there. Obs won't launch, after double clicking the app it starts and then it suddenly crashes. Here's the crash log -> https://pastebin.com/Gkr3648W Thanks for your help!