Sometimes OBS freezes whole computer while recording


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I am on the latest version of OBS Studio (27.2.4) and sometimes while I am recording and playing a game (specifically MapleStory it seems), my whole computer will just freeze and I'll need to force it to shutdown, which I hate doing. What is going on? I play in Windowed mode, and sometimes if I go from Full Screen back to Windowed, this will happen. But I was playing in Windowed mode the whole time. Either way, both ways of this happening are unusual and really annoying and I'd like to fix it as soon as possible. It created like 5 log files for some reason but this was the earliest one (although they were all the same time)


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You're using Please contact them for support.
Alternatively, uninstall it. Then uninstall and reinstall OBS in order to fix the changes made by Now please do a test stream/recording of more than 30 seconds and post the log file here.