1. YaGirlFoxy

    Obs crashing my computer!

    So I stream pretty much daily and I haven't changed my obs settings in forever but now all of a sudden my stream started to freeze and then my computer just crashed? Not only once no but twice in a row while trying to stream again! No error message or nothing just makes my screen go pitch black...
  2. J

    Sometimes OBS freezes whole computer while recording

    Hello, I am on the latest version of OBS Studio (27.2.4) and sometimes while I am recording and playing a game (specifically MapleStory it seems), my whole computer will just freeze and I'll need to force it to shutdown, which I hate doing. What is going on? I play in Windowed mode, and...
  3. DerNoSkin

    OBS bringt den PC zum laggen

    Hallo, ich habe seit neustem das Problem das OBS nach so ca 5-10 minuten während ich die Wiederholungspuffer laufen lasse meinem kompletten PC zum hängen bringt und ich OBS über den Task Manager beenden muss, die Settings müssen auch so stimmen weil ich eigentlich noch nie Probleme mit OBS hate...
  4. C

    OBS Freezing my whole PC

    Hey guys, when I launch OBS it freezes my whole PC on startup so I have to force shutdown my PC (by pressing the button on the computer). My specs are pretty good, around 2 - 3 months ago I used to record CS:GO videos and it all worked fine without lags and stutters, but one day it just stopped...