1. R

    Encoding queue duration surpassed 5 seconds, terminating encoder

    I stream Escape From Tarkov, and am running into a frequent issue. At the end of every round my game briefly becomes unresponsive for a few seconds (the game then continues running normally), I then receive the following error message below, my Twitch stream immediately ends but the recording to...
  2. V

    OBS causing AMD driver timeout

    Title says itself, but when I launch obs and start streaming or recording after a random while my desktop would blackscreen for a second and the game I was running wouldn't show up on screen anymore (still in taskbar) and my bitrate would drop to 0 but obs would still say I'm live. The actual...
  3. K

    How to read/identify log file errors? (Obs crashed twice 5-10mins into Youtube livestream)

    Hi there, new user here. About 2 weeks ago I've setup a new PC dedicated for my church to use as pro-presenter & obs streaming platform connected to Atem Mini Pro. We're running fine on the first week, during the subsequent week we ran into major stuttering during the intro video playback on...