Heavy Encoder Issues Starting 05-28-21


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Hello All,

Im a small streamer looking for help resolving some issues with my Encoder overloading during stream and possibly some other issues. On the day in the title, I had a particularly rough stream: encorder overloaded error, the game (Nuclear Throne) was lagging, then eventually the whole system slowed to a complete stop which I had to power off to get out of. After the first instance, i went through and lowered my base resolution, bitrate, encoder preset, the works. While my system has not locked up again during stream, I checked the VOD for my last stream (Super Animal Royale) and over 70% of the 3 hr runtime was frozen frames and just audio.

Links to mentioned VODs:
Included here is the log files from the day in the title and the most recent stream. Thanks for any support

*EDIT* Should mention i've had no issues with console games through an ElGato, both cases above were PC games



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1. Run OBS as Admin. Right click on shortcut, properties, advanced, check box, ok, apply, ok.
2. Change the encoder from x264 back to Quick Sync Video (QSV).