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I do apologise if this has already been asked or If I'm just blind not finding the option, I found some similar topics but not one that was about this.

I'm currently running a dual pc setup with Fullscreen Projector (Preview) on Gaming PC to clone the screen to my Capture Card on my Streaming PC to eliminate screen tearing and yet run high refresh rate on gaming monitor and avoiding vsync input lag.

Once I did this OBS was still on my task bar, which Is normal, but then I saw there was an option to minimize OBS down to System Tray, great I thought since then I can just tuck it away while it does it's thing and me sort of forgetting about it a bit.

Well here is the thing, OBS does indeed move itself over to System Tray, but the window for the Fullscreen Projector (Preview) is still on my task bar, I've looked around a little for something that will move that as well down to my System Tray but to no luck.

I'm just wondering if someone knows if It's possible to move this window too down to System Tray along with OBS? Or at least get it off my task bar while still having it "active".

Thanks in advance!