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  1. JustBeeeb

    OBS minimized after suspend, don't know how to bring it back.

    OBS automatically gets minimized after suspend and I don't know how to bring it back. Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
  2. F

    Free OBSCompanion - Spotify and Amazon Music Song Detection

    One of the limitations of a lot of Spotify "now playing" apps is that they rely on Spotify to not be minimized into the system tray. If it is, most of these apps are unable to read the window title and parse the artist and song name. This app tries to work around that issue. It also has support...
  3. I

    Can't minimize to tray OBS

    Hi guys, I have got a little question about OBS: how can I minimize it to tray, I tried to press the hide button, but it does nothing? I am using Ubuntu 20.04 . . .
  4. Sadi58

    How to change system tray icon

    I'd like to use a symbolic icon in the system tray, because my system automatically changes the color of all text and widgets in system tray between black and white according to the desktop wallpaper in the background. I've discovered the following icons installed by OBS Studio in my system...
  5. Y

    When I press "X" on OBS program, it closes rather than going into System Tray

    Please add an option in OBS Settings System Tray to include "Close button will make the program go to System Tray". Every single launcher in existence goes to System Tray when pressed X/Close, but this is the only 'live'/'service' program in existence that fully closes when pressed X, why?
  6. S

    Bug Report Can't minimize to system tray.

    I can't minimize my OBS to the system tray. I think it may have started ever since I installed the NDI plugin. Can someone tell me if you can't minimize to system tray or can some dev fix this in an update?
  7. J

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