fullscreen projector preview

  1. O

    Projector (Preview) Hotkeys 0.5

    This script exposes the calls for Fullscreen Projector (Preview) and Windowed Projector (Preview) so you can activate them using hotkeys. One can customize which monitor opens the preview, and the dimensions/anchor point of the windowed preview. Only tested on Windows with OBS 30.0.2 (64-bit)...
  2. Arahor

    Fullscreen Projector (Preview) Not Moving To System Tray Along With OBS

    Hello! I do apologise if this has already been asked or If I'm just blind not finding the option, I found some similar topics but not one that was about this. I'm currently running a dual pc setup with Fullscreen Projector (Preview) on Gaming PC to clone the screen to my Capture Card on my...