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Downstream Keyer 0.2.6


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I know the whole point of this plugin is to set a scene above what ever you have in program. But would it be at all possible to also setup in use for preview? Id like to setup some guide blocks for camera shots, and having that graphic appear on preview at all times without accidentally cutting with the source active. Perhaps a toggle box for Program or Preview?


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Hello everyone... First of all sorry for my poor english.
Guys after OBS new update i have problem with Replay. can somebody help me how can i fix this problem. i`m amateur in obs... before 28 update everything work like Watch... but now when i open new obs hi show me message "Instant replay plugin must be updated or uninstall"
I reinstall again from 0 OBS and now i dont know how to again install this plugin. I know how to install but i scared again this problem(
Please guys help me..
WIndows 11
Asus N56VB
Core i7 3630QM
12 GB Ram


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Replaced the plugin files with the latest update, and now the dock does not appear in OBS. Still running 27.2.4 because I have other plugins that don't work with 28. Here is the log file

11:16:24.722: LoadLibrary failed for '../../obs-plugins/64bit/downstream-keyer.dll': The specified module could not be found.
11:16:24.722: (126)
11:16:24.723: Module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/downstream-keyer.dll' not loaded

It states that the .dll cannot be found, but it is there:


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UPDATE: I installed OBS version 28.0.1 and Downstream Keyer worked immediately, without having to reinstall it. So, it looks like the latest version does NOT work in older versions of OBS.

I could not find the Windows installer for Downstream Keyer v0.2.3. The links I found on Github lead back to version 0.2.5. Perhaps @Exeldro could make it available somewhere?

OBS 28.0.1 seems to be working okay for me at the moment, but maybe some people still need to use version 27.

Thank you!


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I have an issue where anything going through the dsk does not appear in obs virtual camera. It works properly for recordings and streams but not virtual camera.


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M1 MacOS 12.5.1
28.0.1 Apple Silicon (OBS 27.2.4 Apple Silicon also installed)
Downstream Keyer 0.2.5

I want to use 28, if possible. I can't get the dock to show up in either one of these OBS versions. What do?


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I have a problem, I installed obs 28 and Downstream Keyer 0.2.5 and it works in obs, but when I connect to teams, meet or zoom doesn't work in virtual cam, I don't know if it has to do with the old virtual cam plugin already does not work in version 28


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Same problem with virtual cam only in obs 28. (I've downloaded 27.2.4 as portable version, copy and paste 28 version plugins folders and all works fine, just waiting for a solution). I use basicaly as virtual camera for teaching; great plugin Exeldro, as many others plugins comming from you!!! thank you a lot!!


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I think I've figured out what's causing the problem, but I don't know how to solve it. I keep my Home Folder on an external hard drive. I just remembered that every time I try to install a package, I always have issues with permissions because it's trying to install from an external to the internal drive. Not sure how to resolve that.

I wasn't able to install the Adobe Creative Suite with my current config, so I had to temporarily set my Home Folder back to being on the internal so I could install everything, and once everything was installed, I could switch it back to the external drive. I figured maybe that's the same thing happening here, so I set my Home Folder to the internal and rebooted. I installed Downstream Keyer, and some other plugins that weren't working. I ran OBS while still booted from the Home Folder on the internal drive, and the Downstream Keyer menu came up in OBS. (Unfortunately, the other plugins didn't work at all.)

I reset my Home Folder back to my external drive, and rebooted my computer, and when I opened OBS, Downstream Keyer was not there. So my guess is that Downstream Keyer installs by default to a place on the internal drive, but due to my configuration, it needs to be somewhere on my external. But I have no idea what to move and where.


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I am having an issue where every time I open OBS an overlay from each DSK plays automatically. Am I doing something incorrectly? I am on OBS 28 with the latest version of the plugin.


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Thank you very much for creating such an amazing tool. I am currently utilizing it for my daughters swim team as overlays for Event info.
I have recently reformatted my PC and am in the process of setting up OBS again.

Q: Is there any way to Backup(Export) and Restore(Import) all of the DSK Docks and events contained within each DSK Dock?

I had previously created 3 different DSK Docks (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with each containing the Swim Events for that day. Looking for an easier way of restoring the work I have previously created vs having to recreate 72 different Events.

Thank you.