Question / Help Blurry when i move around


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My pc
i5-6600k 3,5 ghz
GTX 970 4 GB GDDR5
16 gb RAM
upload speed 150 mbps

Enforce Streaming Service Encoder Settings not checked
Encoder x264
rate control cbr
bitrate 3500.. i tryed 2000 ..10000 nothing..
cpu very fast .. i tryed faster.. nothing
profile main
aero is enabled...
resolution output 1280 x 720
downsclae filter lanczos 32
fps 30

my problem is on youtube... i cant move without all those blurry pixels.. if i stay with my character and dont move the image it looks very good...
i streamed on streamcraft.. there i dont have any problem.. but i want to stream on youtube and i cant.. please can someone help me.. i will be here for any questions...


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the 6600k is to slow for 1080p 60 fps. And blurryness goes away with the bitrate increase. Just test it and you will see