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Using Windows 7 Ultimate
Here are my system specs:

My OBS Settings:


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x264 Options Here:
bframes=2 b-adapt=0 partitions=none scenecut=0 no-weightb weightp=0 sliced-threads aq-mode=0 subme=0 no-deblock sync-lookahead=3

If CPU-Z specs Look Complicated Here My Computer Properties:
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Windows 7 is end-of-life as of January 2020, and no longer meets the minimum requirements for OBS Studio, so is unable to receive support here.
Your CPU is also extremely weak, and may not be up to the task of real-time video encoding.
Strongly recommend a system upgrade, your current one is frankly very lacking for content creation purposes.

Recording 'best settings' are always the same though.
Go into Basic output mode, Indistinguishable quality. Use a hardware encoder if possible.
If you HAVE to use the Advanced mode for multi-track audio, make sure you are using CQP or CRF, and not CBR or VBR.
Steer clear of most Youtube 'best settings guides', 99% of them have no idea what they're doing and are just parroting garbage settings they stole from another guide. Most of the time these settings do nothing (setting values to the values already set by the preset), and in some cases they can be actively harmful.