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  1. Rajbir98

    Best Settings For 720p & 480p Recording In OBS

    Using Windows 7 Ultimate Here are my system specs: My OBS Settings:
  2. T

    Encoding overloaded with low CPU usage

    Hi, I use OBS to record Zoom meetings. As the encoder I use the x264. The problem is that I regularly get the warning that the encoding is overloaded although the CPU usage is around 70% for all threads. So I am not quite sure what's bottlenecking. Obviously I could lower the FPS / output...
  3. D

    Question / Help Best Settings for Low-end PC.

    I have a PC with very low specs. It has a 2.00GHz Intel i3-5005u processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4Gb RAM and 64-bit system. I want to record and not stream my game. So, I request anyone to tell me the settings that can give me a lag-free gaming and recording experience. Note: The...
  4. J

    Question / Help OBS Game Capture stuttering and rubber band. Low CPU usage, no dropped frames.

    8700k + 16GB RAM + 2080 + Windows 10 latest updates + Latest nvidia drivers + OBS 23.0.0-rc2 64bit This video should expain everything. So i am having this weird stutter/rubber band effect when i am using Game Capture on OBS. - It happens already on preview, without streaming, without...
  5. S

    Question / Help Encoding lag on a dedicated PC with an i7-6700K

    I have just setup a second PC with a capture card. The capture card is working perfectly and feeding video from my main system through with no load on the CPU. While idling with the capture card active, the system runs at less than 5% CPU. I'm trying to stream to Twitch.tv with these encoder...