1. P

    Split screen streaming on nintendo wii

    Best regard, I have currently tried to set up the capture screen in my OBS to broadcast on Nintendo Wii but I always get split screen. I hope you can help me Thank you.
  2. Rajbir98

    Best Settings For 720p & 480p Recording In OBS

    Using Windows 7 Ultimate Here are my system specs: My OBS Settings:
  3. C

    stream laggy and pixelated **HELP**

    alright hello my pc specs r good so wont get into them . tested my bandwidth . best was germany , frankfurt (5) with 2500 kbps my upload speed is 16mbitps but bandwidth is 2500 BUT the problem is that i cant do more than 1200 kbps cuz if i do obs is not gonna do that . and i said ok i have bad...
  4. H

    Question / Help Is there anyway to stream with this Bitrate ?

    Hello OBS community ! I want start streaming on Twitch but , my bitrate is very low for streaming HD resolution . Check my bitrate : https://www.speedtest.net/result/8651925090.png And my question is : Is there any way to stream to Twitch with 0.61 MB/s ,, on 480p , without pixelated image ...
  5. L

    Question / Help i want to stream in 480p but i check twitch and it's 1080p

    Since i have a bad upload speed ( 1Mb ) my maximum quality is probably 480p with 30 fps. I am not sure but isn't the " Output (Scaled) Resolution" the quality that will be provided in my stream ? If so it still shows 1080p and i don't understand why ! Here are my Settings. If you need...