Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.5


Seems to be the missing part of my setup !!! :D Really great with one headset... will test it with two this week-end !


Hello Exeldro! Thanks for yet another great plugin! Great stuff.

I was wondering, if you could answer a question that I have for such a long time: technically, why OBS doesn't capture audio output from a specific window/game/process in Windows 10? Is it something to do with Windows itself (maybe a hard coded audio system that just doesn't allow that)? I'm sure many people asked this question at some point but never I had never found a definitive answer to that matter...

Thank you very much!


@ASchneider as far as I know windows does not provide a publicly available method to capture audio per application.
Thanks for answer! This feature, combined with your audio monitor plugin would do wonders in OBS. I'm an avid user of VoiceMeeter because of its flexibility routing and mixing final audio to OBS but if that's possible, I think 90% of the usage of VoiceMeeter just for OBS would be obsolete...


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This is really great functionality!

Brainstorming thought for future:

Would it be useful to be able to configure the output device/volume settings from a central/global location for each Audio Monitor Filter by name? Perhaps in the plugin you could have two options for the audio monitor filter - use global setting or local setting.


Say you have configured monitoring for a range of audio sources on Device X and you then want to change it to Device Y. If I understand correctly, with current functionality you will need to find and change every audio source with the Audio Monitor filter to Device Y. A global setting associated with each Audio Monitor filter unique name it could be changed it in one location.

I know very well that every additional feature can add significant overhead in terms of initial development and then ongoing support. Are there other ways to achieve the equivalent functionality above with this plugin, for example by manually editing the scene collection JSON file?

Thanks again Exeldro!


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Awesome plugin! As someone who just is just getting started with OBS, I can't believe this plugin is so recent... I see that most people used VoiceMeeter for this but I'm glad I got to skip over all of that and have this built right in!

The ability to set the volume separately from the main output fader is nice, but sometimes I've found myself wishing that the Audio Monitor volume would match the output fader. It would be very cool if this was an option... either set a specific volume for the Audio Monitor filter OR hit a checkbox that said "match output fader".

Thanks for making this!


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Awesome work. Installed for MAC 10.15.7 in OBS after adding effect - app hangs for a number of seconds then the graphics are corrupt in OBs filters panel. Needs OBS restart. Often adding the filter crashes OBS as well. I have Loopback and SoundDesk installed on the MAC


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Brilliant plug-in!!!! I've been looking for something exactly like this so I could send audio to different output independently of my stream audio!!!

I'm not sure if it would work well with this plug-in, but one of the other things I think OBS is missing is hot keys to toggle HOW something is monitored, or not. IE, Output Only, Monitor Only, and Monitor and Output. It would absolutely make this a killer app if there was a way you could integrate that functionality into this plug-in.

Great work!


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Would it be possible to have the monitor mute if you mute the device in the audio mixer or disable the device? It may be best if it's an option in the plugin settings rather than by default to give more routing flexibility.


Installed to Mac OS 10.13.6, OBS 26.1.2. Doesn't load.

14:00:49.787: os_dlopen(/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/audio-monitor/bin/>/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/audio-monitor/bin/ dlopen(/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/audio-monitor/bin/, 257): Library not loaded: /tmp/obsdeps/lib/QtWidgets.framework/Versions/5/QtWidgets
14:00:49.787: Referenced from: /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/audio-monitor/bin/
14:00:49.787: Reason: image not found
14:00:49.787: Module '/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/audio-monitor/bin/' not loaded


In the audio mixer, the slider at the bottom behaves differently than the plugin.

Jumps directly from values around -40db/-45db to -inf.


The plugin moves the slider of the audio mixer, would the same be possible but from the mixer to the plugin?

Another bug aside, the Media Controls plugin flickers when move the slider of one audio source from a media/vlc source.
That happens with the audio mixer too, is not related to this plugin.