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Se este for um computador em torre (não um laptop), sim, você provavelmente poderá atualizar a GPU.

Você diz comprar uma nova GPU? Ou atualizar drivers GPU? Why all drivers is update


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yup, you're spot-on accurate. I decided to follow your suggestion and now the AMD Encoder is back. Guess I'll just have to do my homework on the plug-in update moving on from here. Thanks a lot!
how do i install the previous version? I'm using same laptop, same problem...


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Why HEVC isn't supported to stream with and by streaming sites I have no idea.

Most likely the reason is the CPU/workflow impact to the streaming providers servers.
Those providers already have huge Internet pipes. In the overall scheme of things, it is much cheaper/faster/easier for them to add bandwidth, than coordinate across thousands and thousands of servers, a change to accommodate a new encoding standard which has significant CPU utilization impact. Combine that with limited client support (improving, but not universal), and a highly optimized process for H.264, means that supporting H.265 is going to be expensive for the streaming Hosts. And this is often a 'free' service ..
So the standard business answer applies to the question of Why? because it isn't worth it (cost/benefit justified) for them... yet. Just because Streaming hosts could, and you'd like them to support H.265, doesn't mean they should just yet (or they could just be cheap). Regardless, the change will come when a business risks losing significant revenue to a competitor that does support H.265 (or HDR, or 4K/8K, or whatever the new shiny penny/"standard' is) and the people, process & tech exists to make it not cost-prohibitive to support the new thing.


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H.265 is not adopted because the licensing sucks, and nobody wants to touch it with a 100ft pole. It's unlikely that this will ever change.


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Hello everyone, I use a translator, I beg your pardon for the incorrect expressions) I have a question about setting up an AMD encoder, I have an RX560X video card, I want to stream from a laptop, Ryzen 5 2500u processor, 16 GB ram, what settings do I need to make to stream on the best picture? I have not configured anything, can you help?


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These are the settings I currently have


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