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  1. S

    Visual artifacting on stream only

    Hey, so I've been having a really annoying thing happen today with OBS being visual artifacting that has never happened before. It's only been affecting the stream visuals and isn't game specific. I've tried a lot of fixes and nothing has worked, please help me. Here's a link to a visual of...
  2. IssacI69

    "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete" PCM 32 Bit Float audio codec

    I've been testing out new settings for recording in OBS, and I want to use the "FFmpeg PCM (32-bit float)" audio codec in the recording, but I'm having this weird thing where when I remux the .mkv file to .mp4 in obs, I get a popup that says "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete"...
  3. ddflink

    How to record Zoom participation without echo??

    I am using OBS for zoom presentations with student participation. The desktop audio is on, so I can record the student participation (and periodically share audio from my PPT videos). The Zoom mic is the Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). The problem is, when students ask questions they hear...
  4. C

    CSS code suddenly stopped working-windows 10 - Browser source

    So i am a PNGtuber and i use a basic CSS so my model reacts ( i know there are other ways but this works best for me) and suddenly my CSS stopped functioning li.voice-state:not([data-reactid*="283429463067328512"]) { display:none; } .avatar {...
  5. T

    How to make microphone mute from desktop audio

    I’m really new to streaming but how do you make the microphone audio mute while streaming. I know what your thinking that’s simple but my example is. I’m trying to stream and as I’m playing music I want the microphone to be mute because sometimes as I’m playing music the microphone goes off on...
  6. D

    How do you make "Pokemon Showdown" 's chat appear in obs? (SKETCH INCLUDED)

    AHEM, Please excuse my poor sketching skills, this is kind of what i want to achieve. makes it easy to look at and easy to record. ive been trying to find help, can anyone help? i know you can probably do something like this with the browser option in obs, i want atleast a tutorial on how it can...
  7. I

    FPS Probleme bei Aufnahme, Hohe GPU-Auslastung

    Hallo, im Vorfeld muss gesagt werden, dass ich kein Technikprofi bin. :) Nun zu meinem Problem: Ich habe massive Probleme mit meinem PC zu streamen, da die GPU Auslastung mega nach oben geht. Mein PC: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X RTX 3060 32 GB DDR4 Ram Ich weiß, dass...
  8. S

    OBS Recording Issues With Editor (Da Vinci Resolve)

    I need some help figuring out this issue with OBS recordings and Da Vinci Resolve. My media isn't appearing as offline entirely, only a frame every once and a while. I've tried multiple settings fixes for both OBS and Da Vinci and it still hasn't fixed it. Watching the footage in VLC looks just...
  9. A

    Microphone audio randomly desyncs from everything else on stream?

    Hello everyone, I've been recently having an issue where my microphone audio is randomly getting desynced from everything else on stream. Like my gameplay footage, my webcam, and my desktop audio when I'm in a discord call. I have tried: Setting all audio devices and OBS to be 48HZ disabling...
  10. DokiDoki

    Audio Help! No Game Capture Audio in OBS. Able to hear through Mixamp but no sign from OBS.

    See image for a diagram of my current setup to see how i have everything hooked up. I can hear my stream alerts and game through my Astro Mixamp but OBS isn't capturing the game audio of my PS5? (no issues with seeing the game just no audio being captured) I'm using: OBS Studio; Astro Mixamp...
  11. M

    OBS donation do not appears, in chat and in activity feed

    Compare too streamlabs obs, OBS don't show me donation in the activity feed and i find it really annoying since if i miss it, its a bit complicated to read the message again. I only get the alerts on my screen but that it. Nothing in feed and even my bot dont send a message when someone tip...
  12. O

    OBS Studio seems to cut the stream and crash the running game at random?

    as stated in the title, this is my primary issue with the software. it should be noted that OBS Studio credited it with a vague "encoder error" and the game Alien: Isolation was being played (i would show the clip of it working but it seems i can't upload footage)
  13. T

    OBS Ethernet Issues

    Hey guys, so I just began streaming over the summer and got my PC a few months ago, but whenever I plugged my Ethernet cable into my PC my stream would constantly disconnect and then reconnect every few minutes. So I’ve been streaming wirelessly. I reached out to a friend of mine today and we...
  14. A

    I seem to have a one of a kind issue.... =( Any thoughts? I do appreciate it!

    Hello! I am new here and am very happy to have come across this forum! I hope everyone is having a beautiful morning! :D I have posted on reddit groups and have searched everywhere and it seems like nobody has this issue... I've been streaming Fortnite on twitch now for a few years and finally...
  15. K

    OBS keeps dropping to 0 kb/s out of nowhere

    Over the past couple days, I've tried to stream and every 20-30 minutes or so, OBS suddenly drops to 0 kb/s, my Discord broadcast ends with it saying 'Stream Paused', my voice connection fails, and Twitch shows my bitrate has completely tanked. This has happened both days I've tried to stream...
  16. M

    OBS Crashing randomly, can someone decipher these logs for me

    As title says, OBS has crashed randomly on me twice now mid way through a stream. No idea why, any help or insight would be very appreciated!
  17. T

    Choppy Recordings no matter what I do

    I cannot figure out why my recordings are coming up so extremely choppy. I have game DVR disabled and other windows gaming related features. I have tried lowering to quality. Should I use a different recording program? [Video]
  18. B

    PLEASE HELP!!! SERIOUS ISSUES!! Preview full screen issues

    PLEASE! someone help! i am having a huge proplem with obs! When i click on preview full screen it goes either to dark screen with wonky colors or it goes to grey! also the mouse cursor has some knarly trailing behind it. Sometimes i can even color in the whole screen with the trail os the...
  19. T

    Question / Help OBS Screen when recording and not is black. Has sound though.

    So I have a laptop with a NVDIA Graphics card (RTX 2080) and I've been following the steps for the laptop trouble shooting when the screen for OBS is black. Even though they say to "Use the highest performance processor" I still can't find it. It only says "select a program" and "specify the...