Audio Help! No Game Capture Audio in OBS. Able to hear through Mixamp but no sign from OBS.


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Setup Diagram.png
See image for a diagram of my current setup to see how i have everything hooked up.

I can hear my stream alerts and game through my Astro Mixamp but OBS isn't capturing the game audio of my PS5? (no issues with seeing the game just no audio being captured)

I'm using: OBS Studio; Astro Mixamp; Astro Mixamp Adapter for PS5; Elgato Capture Card 4k Pro60 Mk.2; PS5 and PC.

Alternatively: When I switch the USB part of the Mixamp to my PC to "PC Mode" OBS was able to capture game audio... (But there are issues with that as I cant completely hear game chat etc. and PS5 doesn't recognize my mixamp at all)

I tried looking in the capture cards program (4k Utility) but I don't see any audio setting anywhere..

I'm so confused -_-

Desktop audio and Mic audio is being captured but just not PS5 game capture audio..

Thank you for any help <3


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Is the audio of the game sent to the PC?
because it looks like the audio of the PC and the PS5 are sent to the mixamp and from there to the headphones, but isn't clear if the mixamp sends the audio of the PS5 to the PC.


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I have the same problem but with the ps4. OBS can hear dekstop and mic but do not hear the mixamp only if you dont connect him but that isn't the solution.