recording problems

  1. M

    Texture Flickering when recording with OBS

    Heya everyone, I'm experiencing weird Anti-Alias like problems with my games but only when recording with OBS, as in as soon as I hit the record button, otherwise the game runs perfectly fine. Can anybody give me some advice or help? Thanks
  2. Y

    OBS recording lags no matter what I do.

    All I want to do is record Cult of the lamb and thats pretty much it. It runs fine on Max settings but the OBS recording of it is just laggy and I cant seem to fix anything about it. I had a look through this thread...
  3. M.A.L

    Sudden lag after last OBS update

    First of all, sorry for the annoyance, but i am still a novice at this and after a while searching for guidance in videos and other posts i am kinda out of options. Straight to the point, i used OBS for the first time a couple of months back for some clip recording (some speedrun attempts) and...
  4. sketched

    Low Recording Output FPS

    I just switched to OBS from Streamlabs and imported all of my scenes and that, and every time i record (so far only tested on Valorant and Siege, both show the same results), my in-game FPS is perfectly fine, however on the preview and in the recording itself it looks like i'm recording at 5fps...
  5. I

    Obs Stops recording my videos a few mins in

    Hi All, Really struggling with the software today, was working fine yesterday and this morning. However, this afternoon when I went to record something it stops recording itself within a few minutes. Need a solution, please!! Have tried all the usual options to fix this the only thing i...
  6. A

    OBS or Stream Labs OBS wont capture audio

    My issue is if i hit record no problem at all i hear everything all meters are green all that. But god forbid i try to use the feature that alows me to select what audio gets recorded. Sometimes it'll work other times all get no audio at all. Or i use the Source Record plugin. Was working when i...
  7. Simoon

    Couldn't initialize muxer

    Hello, Each time I click "Start Recording" an error occurs: Here are my logs:
  8. F

    Recording stops after a few seconds/1 minute

    So recently I got a new mic and was wanting to record a video. I booted up OBS and set up everything and hit the record button. After around 30 minutes of recording I realized that the recording stopped after a few seconds. I read different threads and couldn't find a solution. Any help would be...
  9. FTex

    Audio stream nearly quiet

    I like to record a video conference which will be held with a web browser. For preparing that I tried to record music being played by mplayer. Unfortunately I get an audio stream that hardly can be heard. Without playing music the signal in Audio Mixer varies around -50dB. Playing music with...
  10. N

    My obs recording is blurry after i record

    I would record on a normal basis but then my obs recording after it comes out is really blurry and kinda distorted my computer specs are attached
  11. SirAchesis

    Question / Help Recordings keep stuttering

    Hey, My obs recordings keeps stuttering a lot, but I have no idea what is causing it. I've tried different bitrates, different fps recordings etc. I'm recording OW, which is running at 144 capped. GPU utilization is only 80% most of the time 1440P resolution, scaled to 1920x1080
  12. D

    Question / Help Technical/Setting Difficulties Involving Framerate and Video Quality

    Anyhow for a bit of background, I've been trying to use OBS to make youtube videos again. I discovered that OBS was causing my computer to either blue screen of death. Or black screen of death, followed by restart under both scenarios. (I tested four times. Three Black screens, one blue screen.)...
  13. 0

    Question / Help My OBS Stutters a lot

    My obs has been stuttering when recording. It doesn't matter which game I play, the recordings have a stutter. I already tried every encoder, bit rate (12000,20000,30000,50000,75000), video resolution, FPS, rate control, Key frame interval, CPU usage preset, in game setting, and vsync. I know...
  14. M

    Question / Help Playback Lags but in-game FPS is great

    So, I'm actually getting really really mad over this mainly because I can not find a fix ANYWHERE The Problem: My FPS in-game is fine actually, it's amazing but, when I go back to look at my recording I get extra tilted when I see that my footage looks like it came straight outta your...
  15. A

    Question / Help What is even happening? someone help please?

    I don't know why, i built my new pc recently (last week), and at first it recorded videos and played Call of Duty Black Ops 3 fine, like OBS didn't even struggle (and neither did the graphics card). But one day, it just stopped being normal and has been playing up ever since, I've spent...
  16. B

    Question / Help OBS crashes as soon as I start recording log file ^ ^ crash report So I've been trying to record a game with OBS but everytime I hit "Start Recording", OBS immediately crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. L

    Question / Help OBS recording lags

    So About a year ago I could record just fine with obs now it records at about 1 frame every 3 seconds. Anyone know how to fix it? My friend has the same problem. Maybe an update? Here is a video: (It will be uploaded by 1:30 pm CST) In case you think it's my pc...
  18. J

    Question / Help Recording Lag...

    This is probably a common problem which I still haven't been able to find the solution to. I have been trying to set up my recording settings in OBS for a while and have been on it today alone for about 2 hours. I'm certain that I can record 1080p60 for youtube but I just can't get the right...