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My issue is if i hit record no problem at all i hear everything all meters are green all that. But god forbid i try to use the feature that alows me to select what audio gets recorded. Sometimes it'll work other times all get no audio at all. Or i use the Source Record plugin. Was working when i set it up yesterday, today no sound at all. OBS and SLOBS wont let me use features dealing with sound im limted to just raw recording and shifting threw videos till i find clips i need and this is just with recording streams come out always crispy. I have updated my all drivers i have made sure in advance properties that all levels are good, i've watched damn near every video i can to fix the issue and still keeps pulling the same thing. I'm conviced its my computer in some way because it'll work sometimes. Its smoothe and fine one day or moment then poof no audio on anything recoreded. I've had to scrap good clips cause of this many times and still can't find a fix. Or anyone on the internet with a similar issue. if anyone can help that would be awesome

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Hello. I have the same problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix a game audio that is out of sync everytime I record my game on Nintendo Switch? When I press record, it did record the game audio but, when I stop the recording and finish it, the video file that I record my game on Switch is out of Sync for the audio. However, when I close OBS, I can still hear the game audio coming from my PC even so OBS is not open. This is really strange. Can someone please tell me how to fix this small issue?

I have a 4K Ultra HD capture card.