Low Recording Output FPS


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I just switched to OBS from Streamlabs and imported all of my scenes and that, and every time i record (so far only tested on Valorant and Siege, both show the same results), my in-game FPS is perfectly fine, however on the preview and in the recording itself it looks like i'm recording at 5fps, and during one test an image was stuck for ages before switching to a new one. On streamlabs this hasn't been an issue, and i've run the Auto-configuration-wizard for OBS. I've tried lowering my Bitrate, adjusting my Output scale and lowering average recording FPS.

my Specs:
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650
CPU: Ryzen 3 3200G

OBS Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/SHJrHETcfBcd6GD3


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Please review the analyzer and follow it's recommendations;

Also, check your plugins for updates and if they are compatible with latest version of OBS. Remove any plugin you're not using or is outdated and not compatible.


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You have some heavy rendering lags, so the GPU is simply overloaded with running the game and rendering the OBS scene fast enough.

Don't use monitor capture and game capture in the same scene...if possible, just use game caputre.
Run OBS as admin, this often allows Windows to prioritize the GPU to OBS, so you get slightly less ingame fps but less (or none) rendering lag.