fps bugs

  1. mc_crafter_tv

    OBS fps unstable

    My OBS Studio behaves very strangely. For a few minutes it was stable at 60fps and then it dropped down to 30fps for about a minute and then back to 60fps. To be more precise, I see in my FPS display that the FPS of the program itself is decreasing and with it the recording/stream. And this is...
  2. S

    (OBS 29.0.2/Ventura 13.2) Multiple Display/Window Capture Issue

    Hi there! So I've run into an interesting issue: if I try to add more than one Display Capture/Window Capture/Application Capture source to a streaming profile (not scene, profile), my FPS begins iteratively dipping until it hits around 12-18 fps. Attached is a log file to see if we can figure...
  3. LordAdrøx

    OBS is stuck at 15-19 FPS

    OBS is stuck at 15-19 FPS even when I have nothing but OBS running it still shows my FPS at 17 and no settings I change seem to do anything. I even set all OBS settings to the lowest the could possibly go and I still had about 15 FPS and it changed nothing. I have been able to use OBS in the...
  4. sketched

    Low Recording Output FPS

    I just switched to OBS from Streamlabs and imported all of my scenes and that, and every time i record (so far only tested on Valorant and Siege, both show the same results), my in-game FPS is perfectly fine, however on the preview and in the recording itself it looks like i'm recording at 5fps...
  5. T

    Issues for having stuttering FPS drops on Resident Evil 5 while recording

    So, I'm currently using the March 29 version and for me the application has been opened when I'm recording and I was still playing the PC version that I'm struggling with. The game is not even smooth though and I have the list of settings for H.264/AVC AMD encoder: Preset: Recording Quality...
  6. I

    Problem with Geometry Dash and OBS

    Recently, I tried to stream Geometry Dash using OBS as usual, but for some reason, my fps go crazy (they increase but this makes the game pretty unstable). I usually lock my fps to 240 but for some reason, after opening the OBS (no matter if it's with admin rights or not), my fps increases as...