Issues for having stuttering FPS drops on Resident Evil 5 while recording

So, I'm currently using the March 29 version and for me the application has been opened when I'm recording and I was still playing the PC version that I'm struggling with. The game is not even smooth though and I have the list of settings for H.264/AVC AMD encoder:

Preset: Recording
Quality Preset: Balanced
Coding Type: CABAC
Maximum Reference Frames: 2
Target Bitrate: 12000 Kbps
Peak Bitrate: 12000 Kbps
Skip-Frame Behaviour: Keep only every with frame
Enforce HRD: Enabled
High Motion Quality Boost: Disabled
VBV Buffer: Manual
VBV Buffer Size: 6000
VBV Buffer Initial Fullness: 0.00
Keyframe Interval: 2.000
I-Frame Interval: 2.000
Deblocking Filter: Enabled
Queue Size: 8
View Mode: Master

Can anybody help me how to resolve this problem by gettting it back normal again like I have it for last time, please?