in game stutter

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    Stuttering and slow frame issues regardless of obs settings. On Rocket League.

    Hi, I have a big problem with jerks and images that slow down and return to normal, I don't understand where the problem comes from... I can give you my config and my connection. CONFIG: R7 3700x GTX 960 4Go B450 Aorus elite v2 16 Go 2133MHz SSD : 445 Go HDD : 465 Go CONNEXION: Descending ...
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    Issues for having stuttering FPS drops on Resident Evil 5 while recording

    So, I'm currently using the March 29 version and for me the application has been opened when I'm recording and I was still playing the PC version that I'm struggling with. The game is not even smooth though and I have the list of settings for H.264/AVC AMD encoder: Preset: Recording Quality...
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    Unknown stream stutter Issue

    I'm relatively new to PC streaming but I have streamed a number of times on twitch without any issues on warzone and or valorant. I stream at 1080p and 60fps with 6000kbps bitrate (auto-configuration wizard). I have never had any issues with my stream or gaming before. As I started to play the...