obs problem

  1. D

    Lose fps when inserting game in obs

    Dear friends, all right with you? I have a deadlock in my transmissions through obs studio. I recently ran into a problem. When I add the game scene it loses some frames (however, it doesn't affect the livestream)... so far so good correct? because the obs extracts a little bit of the hardware...
  2. D

    OBS 0kb/s Problem

    Hi everyone. Been browsing through the forums but already tried them all to no avail. Been using OBS in months then suddenly I experienced this; bitrate suddenly turns to 0 KBPS The problem mainly arises when watching yt. Streams in 1080 60fps quality. I have a very good 300/25 connection I...
  3. sketched

    Low Recording Output FPS

    I just switched to OBS from Streamlabs and imported all of my scenes and that, and every time i record (so far only tested on Valorant and Siege, both show the same results), my in-game FPS is perfectly fine, however on the preview and in the recording itself it looks like i'm recording at 5fps...
  4. D

    OBS GPU Problem

    Hello i have a problem while recording game from OBS. I put GPU to be primary for record but i have lag in recording capture. But i put a CPU to be primary for recording i dont have lag anytime and capture is fluid. How i fix that? My PC specs 3060 12gb Ryzen 5 3600 16gb RAM
  5. Varu


    Hello guys I have some problems with OBS for the past 2 days. It crashed randomly when i'm switching scenes or when i start the program. I have Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i9-9900KF, RTX 2060, no overclocking. My internet speed is 1gb/s, i think it's a software problem... Have anyone experienced...
  6. S

    Question / Help live streaming pixellation

    Hi and for almost 4 years I have used obs to record my videos. But or always a problem with live streaming on YouTube. When I see the live on my channel, I see that even if it is of high quality, you can see the screen all pixelated with a horrible quality, inaccessible to me. Just to know that...
  7. S

    Question / Help Black screen problem

    Hello guys! I want to stream on YouTube, but on my computer (Predator Helios 500) I choose capture of screen(game) and I have only Black Screen. I tried everything, but Black Screen remained. Please, help. Version of OBS is 24.0.3.