OBS 0kb/s Problem


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Hi everyone. Been browsing through the forums but already tried them all to no avail.
Been using OBS in months then suddenly I experienced this; bitrate suddenly turns to 0 KBPS
The problem mainly arises when watching yt.
Streams in 1080 60fps quality.
I have a very good 300/25 connection
I contacted your network operator. After replacing the router,
the problem is still there. The problem began to appear for several months
The things I did:
-replacement of the router
-Complete uninstallation of obs
-stream key change
-driver update
- dynamic bitrate settings
I attach the observation log with obs
I am asking for advice on how to solve this problem
made with a translator, please bear with us :)


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Please verify your internet quality connection against Twitch servers using this app:

Anything bellow 90 quality is bad. Provided you already checked your house network (cable, router/modem, change port where hte cable connects to the router/modem) you should contact your ISP so they can see into the issue on their network.
As you are using dynamic bitrates I assume your connection isn't good at all, specially for the rtmp protocol.