1. D

    View Preview on two Screens

    Hello everyone, I'm new to OBS and to the Forum. I'm using OBS not for streaming, but for Live Projection. My Setup is as following: Sony A7II Camera with HDMI to a CaptureCard, filming my Greenscreen, OBS running on a Lenovo Yoga, and two Panasonic Beamer, connected with two normal HDMI out...
  2. S

    OBS Recorded Preview "Pink And Green" Glitch

    I have a RX570 sapphire 8gb and normally record using my CPU power because my GPU encoding had a problem when i previewed it. I have almost not seen anything like this on the internet and need some help. Here is what it looks like in OBS and this is the preview from the video as you can tell...
  3. tinydog

    Question / Help Prevent Studio Mode from selecting previous scene when you switch scenes?

    The default behavior of Studio Mode is that when you transition/cut to a different scene, the previous scene is automatically selected in the Preview pane. I presume this is to allow for easy flip-flopping between two scenes... but I never (ever) want to do that. Is there any way to suppress...
  4. juny1209

    Auto fullscreen preview projector

    Hello. I use OBS as information screen like the picture attached. So, I use only preview instead of record and broadcast. Every computer turning on, I start OBS and click preview fullscreen. Starting OBS can be sat by task scheduler. but preview fullscreen can't be automatic. fullscreen preview...
  5. K

    Question / Help OBS Showing 60 but not (Record Problem)

    I use double screen. both 60 hertz. Obs version 25.0.1 is up to date. I follow the obs program from the second screen. I don't start yet recording but fps drop and stuttering. the same thing happens whether I start record it or not Obs recording is sometimes fluent, sometimes stuttering, (but...
  6. C

    Bug Report Multiview issue

    There are a problem in Multiview, in Studio Mode activated when i check on the HTML file " Shutdown source when not visible " this is still visible, i want this functionality be related in "Program" and not in "Preview"
  7. B

    Question / Help Stutter in stream/preview. No rendering/encoding lag.

    Around 15mins into a stream, recording, and even just having OBS not doing anything other than previewing, the preview starts stuttering and that stutter goes into the output. Sometimes this lasts for a couple seconds. Sometimes it will not go away until I close OBS and reopen it. This is a...
  8. BkS

    Question / Help Remove Preview from UI?

    I know it's possible to disable the preview window in OBS, however the current layout I have doesn't utilize the full available space in OBS. Ideally I would be able to place Scenes, Sources, Controls & Twitch Stats above the preview and have it in the corner or not there at all giving more...
  9. A

    Question / Help Game running at 60 fps but OBS not capturing 60 FPS

    Hello I'm having an issue where OBS preview is showing my video capture device (Avermedia lite gl310 capturing a regular PS4) running at 30 FPS or a framerate lower than 60 fps when it should be capturing at 60 fps. The GL310 can at least capture 60 FPS at 720p which is what my settings are at...
  10. J

    Bug Report Fedora 31: Preview window is transparent

    Occurs on both flatpak and repo. Can't use the preview window, it just doesn't exist.
  11. R

    Question / Help Preview output on second monitor

    Hi, I wanted to know how and if it was possible to put the OBS preview on a second monitor through Plug-In or something else. Thanks.
  12. E

    Safety margins / Registration Marks

    This is more for using OBS to record or film a video. Since I record at a 1920x1080 canvas and later crop it to 2160x1080 to accommodate other device aspect ratios; there are some composition and framing issues that happen with multiple subjects. I tried combing through the OBS Studio plugins...
  13. G

    Bug Report Dropped frames with USB3HDCAP, even on preview

    Hello, I recently got the USB3HDCAP by startech, using its latest drivers, and no matter the encoder, or settings that I use, OBS will dupe frames and then drop the next every now and then. The logs do not mention any frame drops, and the software coming with the card, StreamCatcher, do not have...
  14. L

    Question / Help 4k preview (on a second monitor) solved

    Hello all. Is there some sort of plugin or anything within OBS, which i can use for a 4k preview? Really need that 4k on my second display. It's showing 4k@1920, can't find the way to get 4k. Need to capture OBS footage in 4k. Thanks alot in advice. Nevermind, will use ndi.
  15. J

    Question / Help Translation preview on other monitor

    Hello! How can I display the translation preview on other monitor?
  16. Sichvot

    Question / Help OBS with preview enabled problem and workaround.

    Not sure If this is a bug or something else I am missing. When I run OBS on the SAME monitor I am previewing this does not occur, however, if I move OBS with preview enabled to a Second monitor I have slowed video playback on YouTube and other various media sites, which then the video jumps...
  17. darthclide

    Question / Help OBS preview stutters while not recording

    My OBS output is set to 60fps, and my game is running at 60fps. Every 10-15 minutes my preview appears to be 30-40 fps for about 45 seconds, then goes back to normal. This is WITHOUT recording. Simply just sitting there. But as soon as the stutter comes, I can fix it by swapping my output fps to...
  18. 123123123

    Question / Help I need a Capture Card capable to actually preview 1280x720@60fps

    Hello! I hope you can help me with this simple question/issue. What I Have: OBS, with a Chat Overlay custom CSS (and I want to preserve it) I also have a Live Gamer HD C985 capture card, but it isn't useful to me (following the reason) Laptop The issue: The mentioned Capture Card only shows...
  19. codemann8

    [Feature Request] Ability to select Source on Preview rather than the full Group that the Source is in

    Currently, if a Source is within a Group, when you attempt to select it in the preview, it will instead select the entire Group. This is undesirable. Most programs that have similar grouping functionality will function like this: first click selects the Group, second click selects the Item...