OBS Recorded Preview "Pink And Green" Glitch


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I have a RX570 sapphire 8gb and normally record using my CPU power because my GPU encoding had a problem when i previewed it. I have almost not seen anything like this on the internet and need some help. Here is what it looks like in OBS

and this is the preview from the video

as you can tell something is not right here, i thied almost anything i can think of and nothing helped. This is really sad because i know that Recording with my GPU gives me full 60 fps no problem but my CPU has stutters AKA every 10 sec the frame changes, i don't how to fix this please help!
0:06:39.700: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
00:06:39.700: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'D:/Youtube/NOT DONE/2020-06-02 00-06-39.mp4'...
00:06:39.887: [AMF] <Id: 19> Initial Frame Latency is 137404578 nanoseconds.
00:07:02.344: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Output of file 'D:/Youtube/NOT DONE/2020-06-02 00-06-39.mp4' stopped
00:07:02.344: Output 'adv_file_output': stopping
00:07:02.344: Output 'adv_file_output': Total frames output: 1279
00:07:02.344: Output 'adv_file_output': Total drawn frames: 1359
00:07:02.344: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
00:07:02.414: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 2/1350 (0.1%)


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I installed OBS today to give it a shot, and cant get it to work. I own RX570 8GB OC MSI still no luck. Works with CPU but on GPU, it overlays with similar artifacts.