OBS Lags Terribly in Preview


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Hello all. My OBS can't even keep up with YouTube or simple videos. I'm not even streaming. The preview lags very badly and is essentially a slideshow that updates every 5 seconds or so. I have used this exact setup previously in 1080p@60fps with flawless results.

I'll breakdown my setup for clarity:
Windows 10 Home
Ryzen 3800x
2060 Super
Verizon Fios 200up/200down
NightHawk Gigabit Router
All Ethernet wired with Cat 6 or better

Will use in NDI with another Ryzen (2600) build once issue is resolved. I appreciate any advice. Thank you!


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I answered my own riddle. HDR was turned on. For some reason, OBS and HDR do not jive well. Once I turned off HDR, stream quality was back to normal.