obs 30.0.2

  1. K

    OBS 30.0.2 Crashing without any logs

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my potential bad english, i'm encountering issues with OBS since 4 days ! During my stream, OBS crashing, but impossible to detect it, each time, my chat indicate that the stream end. The only thing that I can see, it's my preview which stop working, Everything else still...
  2. WalkTheEarth

    OBS Crashed mid stream.

    My OBS crashed. i was in the middle of streaming onto youtube. (at this point i have streamed over a day of video (max in one stream being 10hrs)) and, after me accidently closing JQuake, OBS did so too. (but globalquake didnt?) crash log attached.
  3. S

    OBS freezing during stream on BRB screen

    Very often OBS will freeze when I switch to BRB screen while streaming. The effect is that the stream will terminate (i don't know the technical reason, whether it's because there is no more data streaming or whether the program is so frozen that there is no data streaming, cannot say exactly...
  4. G

    Blur in OBS

    I am trying to record tutorials for things like excel that will be posted to instagram so i have changed the res to 9:16 but when i am looking at OBC the text looks ever so slightly out of focus which i dont want. I will include a screen shot of what it looks like within excel and then on OBS...
  5. O

    OBS Starting the Output Failed Please check log for details

    My laptop died in the middle of the recording and now i can't see OBS on the screen at all. I keep getting an error that it didn't close properly and i just click run normally and the message disappears and then nothing happens. OBS no longer shows up on the toolbar as the app that's open but...
  6. S

    An error I've never seen before

    Every time I download OBS, I keep getting a warning like the picture below and it keeps stopping. Please tell me why this is happening and how to fix it.
  7. mc_crafter_tv

    OBS fps unstable

    My OBS Studio behaves very strangely. For a few minutes it was stable at 60fps and then it dropped down to 30fps for about a minute and then back to 60fps. To be more precise, I see in my FPS display that the FPS of the program itself is decreasing and with it the recording/stream. And this is...
  8. Robertjm

    Looking for new recommendations for OBS settings on two MacBooks (M2 MBA & i5 MBP)

    Hi all, My church has been streaming our Sunday services using a 2020 i5 Quad Core MacBook Pro with 16gb RAM for a few years now. There were hiccups at the start. But, up until recently things were going OK. But, now the CPU usage is going through the roof, and I cannot figure out what's going...
  9. FukounaShoujo

    Twitch alerts issue, probably obs-browser related

    Hi, I decided to reach out to the forum after months of frustrating experience regarding the OBS browser sources. I first thought it was an issue with a third-party service (alert box) provider or my system. Now I'm pretty sure this is a problem with OBS. And it's hella annoying. When I...
  10. D

    OBS no reconoce AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT

    Tengo una gráfica: AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT, he actualizado los drivers, Windows, habilitado en adm. de dispositivos mi gráfica y aún así no me detecta mi gráfica, alguna ayuda?
  11. J

    Hardware (QSV, H.264) encoder not working after OBS update

    The hardware encoder worked perfectly fine before the update and I could stream and record with it just fine. But after I updated OBS it no longer lets me record and this warning pops up: The software (x264) encoder works but is very laggy and is extremely hard on the CPU and I cant stream with...
  12. B

    Powerpoint presentation is pixelated and crashes on second display

    Hi, My name is Beata. I am streaming live webinars (MS Powerpoint presentations) to Youtube via OBS for more than a year now. I always use a main display (laptop) for running OBS and Youtube and a second display (extended, separate display) for projecting and managing my powerpoint sildes...
  13. A

    USB adapter input display showing banding when camera is zoomed on subject against led screen

    I was recently live streaming my latest obs using my sony nx5r camera on YouTube. I came across an issue when my camera was held zoomed in on the subject for a few seconds, there was disruption in the display on the obs screen. I have shared the image and video below. We were doing a live...
  14. CaffeinatedSaki

    Windows 11 OBS on laptop - Simulcasting encoder & optimization settings, High CPU usage, help requested

    Hello, I would love some assistance in setting up obs to not destroy my laptop! Or just general advice to do what Im trying to do! It used to run pretty fine but since the windows 11 update, its been touch n go. I cant roll it back since I missed the time window and dont want to reformat. I...
  15. Viviku

    OBS Stream Bitrate Drops Heavily After Last Update

    I've been streaming for a few years now and ever since the last update (running OBS Studio 30.0.2) I've noticed significant bitrate drops that occur basically every 30ish seconds and it's just making my streams unwatchable. It will drop down to the 3000s then back up to 6000. I also talked to...
  16. V

    Video capture glitching on Mac OS while recording

    Hello, Yesterday, I noticed the video glitching when recording on my Mac desktop. This hadn't happened before, so I thought it was potentially related to an OBS software and/or macOS update that I needed. So I updated both my Mac OS and OBS to the latest versions, which I'm running now. (I...
  17. S

    Obs 30.0.2 keeps crashing

    Obs 30.0.2 keeps crashing after about 10-12 minutes. Ive tried everything I can think of and it is not leaving crash logs but I have has an error pop up a couple times that says a break point was reached (0x80000003) occured in the application at location 0x00007FFFF0784B42. I have done exempted...
  18. P

    OBS 30.0.2 Crash in Sonoma 14.2

    After I updated my Mac to Sonoma 14.2, my OBS 30.0.2 no longer opens. It even opens for 3 seconds and closes. I have already tried previous versions of obs but the problem persists. Someone with the same problem?