1. Grappler_senpai

    Question / Help what settings would you recommend for my build??

    I have questions about my streaming experience... with a 1.1 mbps upload connection speed,an intel i7 5280k,gtx 1060 gpu,and 16 GB of ddr4 RAM,what settings would you recommend for streaming?? also,what recording settings should I use on top of that??
  2. C

    Question / Help Questions about Capture Modes

    Hi, so i know these questions have been asked 1000 times and Ive been reading through them to try to figure out my issue but now im running into a problem i cant quite pinpoint. and have a few other questions. Just to get a few things out of the way, I have already Run it as Administrator, I...
  3. R

    Question / Help OBS Recording with NVENC failing - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I'm fairly new to OBS. I've been unable to record on any settings other than x264 despite having an NVIDIA card with most updated drivers. I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. I pulled the log though. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...
  4. A

    Question / Help Computer Lag

    Hi everyone, I was wondering why my computer was lagging when I was trying to record 1080p League Of Legends Content. My rig should be able to do it with a breeze but I don't know why it can't. Here are my specs: Dell G7 Laptop: I7-8750H 8 Cores 4.1ghz GTX 1060 6gb MAX-Q 8gb RAM 128GB SSD 1tb...
  5. V

    Question / Help Help stream nvidia. Стрим через видеокарту?!

    Приветствую, у меня две видеокарты Nvidia geforce . Одна GT 750 ti 2 gb . Вторая GTX 1050 TI 4 GB. Я хотел бы загружать видеокарту GT 750 ti для вывода стрима, а видеокарту GTX 1050 ti чисто для игр. Как можно выставить в настройках чтобы только одна видеокарта была использованна для обработки...
  6. Schurkee

    Question / Help how To record the Nvidia freestyle filter

    i'm using the freestyle filter to make my game looks better but i can't record it pls help
  7. P

    Question / Help Black Screen on window capture (after following advice)

    Hello, I'm trying to capture the screen of the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows using OBS, but I just get the dreaded black screen. My system is an ASUS laptop with dual GPU (this must be the bain of your life at the moment) I've searched extensively online and on this forum and followed...
  8. F

    NVIDIA NvEnc Guide

    ABOUT THIS GUIDE The objective of this guide is to help you understand how to use the NVIDIA encoder, NvEnc, in OBS. We have simplified some of the concepts to make this accessible to a wider audience. If you think we can improve any part of this guide or find any issues or mistakes, please post...
  9. Corben78

    Bug Report OBS problem when capturing wine/proton+dxvk game windows in fullscreen

    I'm using OBS Studio 22.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with nVidia 1070 and 396.54 drivers, and I recently came across the problem, that I couldn't capture certain windows. E.g. no steam client window can be caputured, they're just black, or game windows that are coming from steam's proton or my own...
  10. L

    Question / Help Kein Nvenc verfügbar

    Hallo ich habe heute meinen neuen PC geupdatet und wollte heute mit einem Freund aufnehemen. Das Problem ist das ich kein Nvenc auswählen kann. Können sie mir vieleicht helfen es zu beheben.
  11. Juliannb

    Question / Help AMD VCE Encoder sucks. Is Nvidia reliable for the task?

    Good day, everybody. I've been dealing with this issue for far to long and I'm growing tired of this. I wanted to make this post simple, but half way through it, I figured it's not that easy. Here's my specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64; CPU: Intel i5 7600K 3.80GHz; GPU: ASUS Radeon Rx 580 8GB...
  12. Arsleust

    Question / Help OBS crash

    Hello world, I just downloaded and installed OBS as it seems to be a fine piece of software, but I can not get it to work. I tried launching the software normally. I added some sources to my scene. But I got the error [h264_nvenc @ 0x55d9cc35cec0] Cannot init CUDA warning: [NVENC encoder...
  13. A

    Question / Help obs crash when i use nvidia encoder

    pls help
  14. devguy

    Bug Report Crashing while OBS is left running without capturing

    Hello I am using Linux Kubuntu 16.04 LTS and my system will crash after some time with OBS running but not in capture mode. I have done this a few time and each time after a few minutes my entire system crashes and reboot automatically, and I can't figure out why? I am using the official...
  15. T

    Question / Help Starting the output failed

    Alright so,I decided to use my GeForce 840M to encode, and now when I select NVENC H.264 it says :Starting the output failed.Please check the log for details. Note:If you are using the AMD or NVENC encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I just updated my NVidia drivers, and its...
  16. Minecraft Inside

    Nvidia 940MX Recording Support

    Can You Guys Please Make Nvidia 940MX Support In OBS Studio. I Have A 1 Year Old Computer With A Core I7 Processor (REALLY GOOD) But A NVIDIA GEFORCE 940MX (OLD GPU) And Its 750$. Can You Guys Make Support For That In The Latest Version Of OBS Studio. Reguards, Minecraft Inside
  17. R

    Question / Help Dual GPU, Dual Monitor League of Legends Window Capture Error. Blackscreen.

    Hello, im trying to help a friend fix her obs issues. She has an old laptop with Dual GPU (Intel integrated graphics and Nvidia NVS 5200M). She has a Graphics Tablet (XP-Pen Artist 16) which functions as a second monitor. Whenever it is connected to the laptop, league of legends is not...