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    Question / Help Question: Quadro Cards and Old/New NVENC

    Hi all. Mostly all the posts I read about the “new” NVENC encoding capabilities released last year refers to GeForce, RTX, and Turing cards. I know that the most recent NVIDIA Quadro cards (Pascal) have NVENC chips, but my question is: do they support the “new” NVENC encoding in OBS that users...
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    Question / Help OBS Was working fine but... bitdefender?

    My OBS was working fine, I installed bitdefender and for some reason cannot capture in game audio anymore, I uninstall bitdefender also my nvidia drivers (now I have reinstalled these) I uninstalled OBS but no deleted the user settings and I reinstalled again with no luck
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    Question / Help A possible solution to the desktop capture black screen of death!

    It worked for me, with two nVidia 1080s running in SLI and using NVidia's surround screen. It might work for other configurations as well. Switch to openGL rendering mode. Run OBS with the --allow-openGL switch to enable the setting. Only needs to be done once, the setting stays on openGL on...
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    Question / Help Unable to get quality stream

    I'm using i5 9400F and Galax 1650 super with 8gb ram and 240gb M,2 SSD. Whenever I try to stream, The quality of the video is not that great at 1080p and on 720p as well. I have tried all the setting but can't figure what's wrong with it. Here the sample video of stream...
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    Bug Report Broken window layout in KDE

    Hello, I have problems running OBS on Fedora 32 with with KDE. The application starts and seems to work properly, but the internal window layout is broken to the point of being unusable. Internal frames are shifted beyond the left edge of the window, menu bar is either not visible, or shows up...
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    Question / Help CS:GO with nvidia Freestyle and OBS

    Hello, OBS doesn't intercept CSGO. There is a black screen on OBS when I have nvidia freestyle in csgo enabled. I have enabled Capture Third-Party Overlays.
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    Question / Help Black screen on Display Capture - already tried everything

    (Complete log at the bottom of the post.) I need to use Display Capture to record a PowerPoint presentation on my laptop with NVIDIA GPU. (Window Capture can't pickup a fullscreen PowerPoint presentation, so I have to use Display Capture instead.) Display Capture requires OBS to be running on...
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    Question / Help Cant change default processor and I get a black screen as a result

    It was working fine till I updated my windows a month ago from 1803 to whatever version it is right now. Normally to switch the graphics processor OBS runs on I open the nvidia control panel and switch it to whatever I like. Since I do a lot of display captures, and my display runs on intel, I...
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    Question / Help New Solution to OBS Black Screen Problem

    I just thought I would share this simple solution to black screen issues on laptops using NVidia GPU. NEW Solution to Fix Black Screen Problem in OBS
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    Question / Help Cannot open the NVENC codec on Gentoo

    I've just installed O.B.S., and when attempting to record with NVENC (hardware encoder), I receive the following rather unfriendly message: The most baffling thing is that when O.B.S. starts, it reports that NVENC has been detected: I'm very inexperienced with O.B.S. and ffmpeg in general, so...
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    Question / Help Low fps in games when I open OBS with integrated graphics

    I want to start streaming LOL on twitch, I got everything configured but i have a problem. I would like to stream the whole screen so that there is no black screen between games, so I run OBS Studio with the integrated graphics. However, when I do that, my fps in-game drop to 20-30 (I have them...
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    Question / Help Problem with the graphic integrate/probleme avec mon pilote graphique intégrer

    Anglais : Hello, I use your software to record my games is it works well but to film my screen it does not work even if I try to launch my software with the graphic integrate I think it starts anyway with the graphic Nvidia because when I uninstall the graphic Nvidia in the device manager I can...
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    Solution for "Black Screen" Display Capture even after performing the steps on OBS forum

    I use OBS to record my screen completely (i.e, not a particular window or a particular game) which is why I needed to use Display Capture in OBS but it was showing me the black screen. Now this had happened before but at that time, I used the solution on the OBS Forum about changing the NVIDIA...
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    Question / Help Display capture black screen

    I have a gaming laptop with NVIDIA Graphics card and an Intel Integrated card. I have checked and tried all possible ways to fix the famous 'Black screen' in OBS but they seem to not work at all, Here's what I have tried: 1. Changing the preferred card to Integrated 2. Changing the preferred...
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    Question / Help obs just closes/crashes when entering Fortnite low latency mode ultra

    Hi! it started after updating nvidia driver 441.08 when my "low latency mode" on "ultra", when i choose "off" OBS does not crash. Is it possible to fix these crashes, or should I use disabled low latency mode? here I will attach all the files, the obs just closed without error, as if there wasn’t
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    Question / Help mBlack Screen - Tried everything - Laptop GTX 980m

    I tried every tutorial on youtube and i cant just make it work, Tried to do the Nvidia control panel but its not showing an option to change the preferred graphics processor here's my log https://obsproject.com/logs/7h9DZ8v5UAIKRSEO
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    Bug Report NVENC: Segmentation fault

    Hello, I am currently trying to get OBS-Studio to use the NVENC encoder instead of x264 on Gentoo Linux. OBS simply crashes without a proper error code or anything when trying to start the stream. I linked both the log from OBS and the obs --verbose terminal output. The stream works when using...
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    Question / Help OBS will not use Integrated driver, despite forcing it to in the control panel

    So I have been trying to get OBS set up to stream for a while now and I cannot fix this problem. I have read all of the recommended forums on how to fix this problem, and have set the program to integrated graphics, but my log files seem to indicate that OBS is continuing to choose the NVIDIA...
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    Question / Help Recent rendering lag(x264 - Nvidia Only)

    Since Mid-May streaming with x264 is causing rendering lag but not NVENC. Only happens to the Nvidia system with GTX1080 with 8700k but not the AMD system with R9 Fury with 4770. I was able to stream without any issue. I Know & Tried : Cap FPS Latest driver Scene related Change Encoder settings...
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    Question / Help obs not detecting nvidia graphic card on my ASUS U36S

    Please, I'm totally stuck on my pc, each time I try using my Nvidia graphics card to run obs on my windows 10, it will not work. I tried using another method by selecting integrated graphics to run the software on the Nvidia control panel, it opened the software. But when I want to select Nvidia...