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  1. S

    obs not working: starting the output failed please check your drivers are up to date

    Hi! I have tried everything I have seen to make OBS work but it keeps saying the same thing in the title. I have updated my drivers, uninstalled then reinstalled, checked for windows updates, checked compatibility, checked my settings, checked if my hard drive needed optimization, gone into my...
  2. R

    capture card wont output audio on obs

    woke up this fine morning to my capture card not outputting audio on obs. i can still get audio through the headphone jack but my stream has none ive been trying to fix this for hours now someone plz help.

    OBS webcam filters doesn't work

    I have a camera named "Aneex" "V-CAM P220", I don't exactly know if this is a generic camera or not, the thing is that have a bad quality so I wanted to use the filter of OBS to improve it (video capture device > properties > setup video). For example, I want to increase the brightness, it just...
  4. PanterSoft

    SRT Streaming with Domain not working

    Hello, I am trying to stream to OvenMediaEngine via SRT Streaming with Public IP Adress works fine but with domain its not working. Working: srt://MY_PUBLIC_IP:9999?streamid=srt%3A%2F%2FMY_DOMAIN%3A9999%2Fapp%2Fstream Not Working...
  5. F

    What the heck does this mean??? OBS Windows DIsplay Capture update??

    so, what am i supposed to do differently? Is this why I can't record a single thing anymore suddenly???? i have no idea what any of this means and i NEED HELP
  6. M

    OBS not working

    I need help here!! Ok so basically what I want to do is connect my Nintendo switch to my MacBook Air, I bought a HDMI capture card and downloaded obs. when I connected everything nothing would show up, the word “device” would light up from red to white indicating it was connected but the screen...
  7. F

    VLC media source broken ?

    Hi, since last monday i can't get any image in obs from a vlc source. I have tried on 2 different computers and tried downgrading versions on both obs and vlc. Nothing worked. I updated my nvidia pilots to the latest version and nothing either. Any idea ?
  8. 0BS :)

    Replay Buffer Doesn't Work?

    Hi I’m new here and also quite new to OBS (although I learned quite a lot for the past few days). So please tell me when I’m doing something wrong here. I’ve got a problem with the Replay Buffer: I have set that when I press the hotkey, it should safe the past 20 seconds. Max memorie use is...
  9. Inksaar

    VHS to Digital audio.

    I am attempting to convert my family's VHS tapes (birthday parties, ball games, etc) to digital. I bought a Diamond capture device YEARS ago to do this. Before I go any further, here is my setup: Operating System: Windows 10 64x Capture Device: One-Touch Video Converter VC500 by Diamond...
  10. S

    can't use game capture or display capture

    like a couple of months ago i wanted to record some stuff but when i used display capture of game capture non worked so i my friend told me to watch a video and blah blah blah... so i have tried to fix it but nothing works changed what the app runs on either it is integrated or gpu and nothing...
  11. M


    Anyone else having a problem with ndi plugin since the new update? The source is coming up but no signal is coming through. I’ve tried with obs camera and with propresenter either is coming up. Any solutions?
  12. L

    Adding Audio delay

    Hey :) I need to add an audio delay. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. If I change the settings 0 ms to 300 ms or 4000 ms, nothing will happen. I tried it on different sources, but the problem is always there. Leander
  13. dawhiteadd

    Desktop Audio not working in my OBS Studio

    I updated the nvidia drivers and my desktop audio stopped working, there is no desktop audio, I can hear my headphones but obs doesnt take the audio, only my microphone. I have a GTX 1050, i7-6700k, 16GB RAM. My nvidia drivers version is 457.09 (64 bit) and my OBS Studio version is: 26.0.2 (64...
  14. SporeAltair

    OBS stopped seeing chat

    OBS refuses to use YouTube chat. On YouTube, the chat works, but it is not available on OBS. There are no problems with broadcasts, everything works. This is a problem with the latest version. When I launched the program back in the spring, everything worked. I guess the update broke the chat.
  15. F

    My 3.0 USB capture card won't show up even if selected in OBS

    When I plug in my capture card, select it as a device I do not see it show up like in the instructions. I was wondering if i was doing something wrong or if I had just wasted a lot of money on the wrong product. If you can help me please respond. Thanks! log file...
  16. E

    OBS Don't see camera

    When I open camera app it shows my camera. I am closing this app and then opening OBS. I have added camera and activated it. There was no choice to select any camera device. Every other camera app see camera. I have closed any other apps using camera, but OBS don't even see the camera! Something...
  17. TheLostExplorer

    Can I use both an Elgato Stream Deck and Lioranboard Stream Deck?

    I recently started working with Lioranboard and it's amazing. I also have the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile app. I'm trying all options but when I went to link my Elgato Stream Deck it says my Elgato Remote Control plugin is now missing. Also, in, when I drop down the tools menu, I no...
  18. G

    Audio8 DJ SoundCard Issues

    Hello All, I have external Sound card that is connected via the USB to Mac. I could receive the input from Audio8 DJ sound card and could record using the Quicktime Recording feature , So there is no issues with the sound card . However OBS is not picking up any Sound using AudioDJ 8 as input...
  19. bunnygaming


    It is not working after I updated my windows 10 to 2004. I already changed it to power saving but it's still not working. I don't know how to fix it please help. Thank you in advance
  20. P

    Question / Help OBS Desktop Audio not working

    I've changed my audio output device to match that of my headset, but it still doesn't detect any audio. At first, I thought this was specific to my discord, but it won't detect anything, from game audio to youtube videos. Is there anything I can do? My headset is the Corsair Void Pro Wireless btw.