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    Question / Help Using Two Network Interfaces With NDI and Streaming

    Okay, this one has been stumping me for the past few hours, so I've officially given up, and decided to ask the community, and see if anyone knows of any solutions. Here's the problem: I'm using the NDI output plugin to send gameplay capture from my gaming PC to my streaming PC (a mac). For...
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    Question / Help Weird intermittent upstream issue- Random network bitrate drops

    I've been having this weird intermittent upstream bandwidth issue. First of all this is the first time ive streamed at my new apartment with new modem/router and new ethernet cables. I can have a perfect stream for 3.5 hours for example then all of a sudden my bitrate just goes to shit. Starts...
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    Question / Help Incredibly Low Upload Speeds - OBS telling me to use Moscow Server

    Hi, It seems like every few months, something in OBS or in my home decides to go haywire and mess up my system. I typically have no issues streaming in 1080p/60fps @ 6000 bitrate, using an Elgato HD60s, and using OBS 22.0.2. I use restream, and simultaneously stream to Mixer, Facebook, and...