Question / Help Incredibly Low Upload Speeds - OBS telling me to use Moscow Server


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It seems like every few months, something in OBS or in my home decides to go haywire and mess up my system.

I typically have no issues streaming in 1080p/60fps @ 6000 bitrate, using an Elgato HD60s, and using OBS 22.0.2. I use restream, and simultaneously stream to Mixer, Facebook, and Twitch. I'm normally on LA servers.

But every now and then, like right now for example, whenever I go to stream my frames drop rapidly, and my Stream Health Indicator goes from green to red almost immediately.

I ran the auto config wizard, and this time it told me the best I could stream at is 480p, and using a Moscow server. I'm in Arizona, US.

My DL speeds are reading anywhere between 250 and 900 mbps when I test, but my upload speed is suffering at <15mbps (when normally it is 25-30mbps).

As I said this has happened before, and I fixed it through firmware/driver updates. But it seems to keep coming back. I've tried wireless, wired, direct to modem, different cables, etc...

PLease help me out!