Question / Help Terrible frame drops after specific times.


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There's the log file, issues start occurring around 20:44:40. Before that I flooded the log by trying to get Borderlands 2 to capture, so just ignore that, the main issue is me dropping literally more than 3/4 of my frames after 20:30:00 every night. It's my ISP either throttling after a specific time, or some other issue... any help would be massively appreciated!

You can see that the first part of the stream up until 20:08 was fine, "Total frames output: 531413 (531513 attempted)"

I actually have a person from comcast coming this morning, but I've already once had someone visit, and they did jack, So I'm assuming the same thing might happen again. (I've never been an optimist) So I'll report back after they visit, inevitably fix nothing, and leave.

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