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So I've been streaming on and off for a long time now, and every time when I come back my internet doesn't cooperate. Every time my ISP insists it's not them. Eventually it works again, but it takes a month or longer to resolve the issues. I run on a wired connection from a nighthawk R7000, get ~550mbps down and 20mbps up. There really shouldn't be an issue. I've tried everything from 1800 bitrate to 6000 with 720p60fps. It always fluctuates a lot in the current bitrate area, frequently going into the red too. I've tried using wifi, I've tried different routers, different modems, a new ethernet cord, using a VPN, using regular OBS instead of studio, tried playing single player only, tried streaming to other platforms than twitch, and nothing. Always the same. Also, my tests are from the middle of the night, I currently have another test stream going on right now, that after an hour, on the VA server has 1% dropped frames, instead of the normal 5-7%. I'm anticipating that at prime time I will be returning to the 5-7% dropped frames.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Provider: Rogers
Connection Type: Cable

Fiber isn't available in my area and switching providers isn't an option because of this. Also, these problems persist regardless of the usage of my internet by other people in the house.

I want to know if there's anything I can do or if I should just give up. I appreciate any help that you guys can provide.


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I would send some continous test pings to different webservers to see, if there is any packet loss or high ping as well.
After that (especially if you get some packet loss to etc.), contact your ISP.