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Hi guys, I don't think this is an OBS issue, but I thought someone may know a fix.
I use obs. A few months ago, I started to see strange disconnections of obs to the twitch servers mid stream. These disconnections were always less than 5 seconds; not a huge problem. Fast forward to this week, now I can't connect to twitch servers at all.

Here's what I know and has been done:
- PC can connect, surf the web, send data over the network
- added policy to local pc firewall to allow obs through
- whitelisted all traffic from stream pc through network
- Re-routed pc to a backup network. (they are separate ISPs)
- Used Twitch bandwidth test
- Reached out to Cisco Meraki Support (network is Cisco Meraki) and they found no issues
- Connected via login in OBS, used stream key in twitch bandwidth test (both failed)
- Tried other accounts and they fail
- Tried to stream on another pc on the same network, streaming success

Twitch bandwidth test is failing to connect to twitch servers and it's independent of OBS. So OBS should not be the cause.
My assumption is that the combination of the streaming pc and twitch connection is causing an issue.

I've contacted twitch support for now, but thought I might also see if anyone has had any experience with something as peculiar as this.


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