Question / Help Using Two Network Interfaces With NDI and Streaming


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Okay, this one has been stumping me for the past few hours, so I've officially given up, and decided to ask the community, and see if anyone knows of any solutions. Here's the problem: I'm using the NDI output plugin to send gameplay capture from my gaming PC to my streaming PC (a mac). For stability and quality purposes, I'm sending the video via an ethernet (crossover) cable to the mac. The problem is that if I receive the video output (via ethernet), I'm unable to stream it (via my wireless connection, which has actual access to the internet), and vice versa: if I start a stream, I'm no longer able to view my NDI source. Is there a way to make OBS capture input from one network interface, and output from a different network interface (on a mac)? I've already tried creating a network bridge, and that's far from ideal. Other than using a network switch (or other similar hardware solutions), is there any way to make this work? Thanks!


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There's no way to tell the NDI plugin to use any specific network interface. There is a way to tell OBS to do that, but as far as I know that might affect the plugin as well.