1. M

    Stream lags/freezes on high end pc.

    Hello, pc is 4080 super, 7800x3d, 48gb 6000 ram. The problem is: with GPU usage in game at 100% stream starts freezing lagging. Fix for that is enabling HAGS. But with HAGS OBS constantly crashes at start/exit game. Can you somehow prioritize OBS to have ~10% reserved GPU usage? Or something...
  2. P

    recording is laggy when game is good

    Hi guys I have problem with my recordings, when I record everything in game works well and I dont have any fps drops or anything, but when I go to see my video its lagging. I tried reinstalling OBS and few things that I found online, nothing really help. In analiyzer it says thats everything is...
  3. A

    AMD Octa-Core CPU, just restreaming Video and still experience render-lag >40%

    I'm using a dedicated Server with a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8 cores / 16 threads @ 3.6 GHz) processor to only reastream 1080p60fps video-files via vlc-source to a partnered twitch-account @ 1080p60fps (8000 kb/s or 6000kb/s) and experience a render-lag of over 40% at some times. Encoder: x264 | No...
  4. C

    Elgato stutters dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing

    Hello I have searched everywhere and could not find the solution literally anywhere I have been trying to fix this for days so I have a dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing valorant the Elgato starts stuttering on stream and in obs. looks like I am running on 40fps but before the...
  5. S


    When I launch OBS (just launch, without streaming or recording) all games start to stutter and fps drops. It starts to happen after some nvidia driver updates. With older drivers I have no problem. Windows 11
  6. N

    GPU consumption peaks

    Obs occasionally loads the GPU by 100 percent in idle time and when encoding a stream. Also the mixer sometimes lags. I am using the motherboard port to connect a second monitor to a second monitor. GPU: gtx 1050ti; CPU: intel core i5 8400
  7. F

    Oba freezing

    Hi, I have a problem. Slightly freezes the video on the recording (does not lag in the game) started after reinstalling windows. Set the same settings and freezing
  8. Z

    My stream lags with a 400mbps upload speed

    I have a 350-400 mbps upload speed, yet my streams lag. I suspect obs not using all the upload speed I have, is it possible? My drivers are all updated, I added obs to the firewall rules and I think that's all I can do. Is it about my specs?
  9. Z

    I can't stream despite having a good internet connection, is it because of my specs?

    Hi, first sorry for bad english. I'm currently having trouble streaming for my friends. It won't work with obs or discord. On discord, the quality of the image is really bad and they can barely see anything, and its the same with obs on twitch. I think my internet connection is quite good : yet...
  10. BackPa

    Question / Help Picture is "jumping"

    Hello, my english is bad, soI am sorry first. I have problem with Division 2.. Before few months game works well in OBS, yesterday I was stream this game again and picture on stream is "jumping". I do not know, how call it, but you can watch it there...
  11. papadi166

    Question / Help 1440p60fps, GoodPC, artefacts and low fps

    Hello. Today I have tried to record (do not stream) The game that is named World of Tanks at 1440p and 60fps. While recording in game starts The FPS counter which shows 75fps. Maybe it is the reason why videos by OBS have weird squares like low upload streams have. They have also horrible...
  12. W

    Question / Help The Game loaded not (verry slow), when the scene with the game shown.

    Here ist the Log. thx for help :)
  13. F

    Question / Help I would like to record Minecraft on very low end PC

    Hi! I would like to record minecraft on my very low end PC. Minecraft is fast (I have 120 fps, sometimes fps drop to 40 fps), but video from OBS is lagging... I don't want to buy new PC, because I don't have any money. :D What would you advise me to record my beloved Minecraft without lags...
  14. C

    Question / Help Ingame freeze

    The problem concerns only for CS:GO. When im streaming the game on max quality I don't have a smooth image in game. Monitor 144 hz and it feels like 60hz, Because when i starting to stream , var in csgo rising up to 1-1.5 thats why i see ingame freezes. PC specs: i7-8700, RTX 2070, memory 16gb
  15. S

    Bug Report Strange freezes while recording

    Game runs smoothly, with no issues, but when I record, OBS preview is like 0.1 FPS (it is seen only in final rec file, it's been good FPS for me when I was recording) and final recording is also like that, but at the same time mouse moves are captured perfectly smooth. I tried .MKV both on CPU...
  16. F

    Question / Help lags

    why i have lags on my video? i want to recording cs go 4:3, i trying do normal video 3th days. I have 1080 ti, my comp isnt weak. help me pls..
  17. X

    Question / Help Single Core Legacy Game, Stream Lags

    I'm trying to stream an older game (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within) that requires single core processing to reduce bugs (jump and speed glitches) but this causes the video stream to lag. The game plays fine while streaming, no lag outside of normal graphics issues. I have an i7-6700K quad-core...
  18. dailydenny

    Question / Help OBS, OBS Streamlabs - FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect

    Hello everyone. I have big FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect on the stream. Game does not slow down. I start streaming 3 month ago - and i don't have problem never with my stream. All stream be 60 fps and don't lags, disconected and ets. 26.10.2018 My stream start laging, and stream shutdown. To date...
  19. 1okisan

    Question / Help Help set up my stream

    Hi, I have such a PC: MB: Asus Z97-pro Gamer RAM: G.Skill DDR3-2133 8GB RipjawsX PSU: Chieftec Proton BDF-750C CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4790K 4.7GHz CPU COOLER: Noctua NH-D14 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro Internet speed of 100/100. Tell me...