Bug Report Strange freezes while recording


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Game runs smoothly, with no issues, but when I record, OBS preview is like 0.1 FPS (it is seen only in final rec file, it's been good FPS for me when I was recording) and final recording is also like that, but at the same time mouse moves are captured perfectly smooth. I tried .MKV both on CPU and GPU - same result. I just reinstalled a fresh windows ISO and I guess it has to be either my drivers or hardware.

Recently had some serious issues with all the 3D rendering related stuff, cause I tried to upgrade GPU to XT 5700 - every single game (old and new) was showing microfreezes, even browsing scrolling was like that, but when I switched back to my RX 580, it became much better. I just cannot determine what causing the issue, most of pc components are brand new. Can it be a faulty ram or motherboard?

I use latest OBS Studio,

My current build link
OBS Log link
Laggy OBS Recording link