I can't stream despite having a good internet connection, is it because of my specs?


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Hi, first sorry for bad english.
I'm currently having trouble streaming for my friends. It won't work with obs or discord. On discord, the quality of the image is really bad and they can barely see anything, and its the same with obs on twitch.
I think my internet connection is quite good :

yet my streams aren't fluid at all.
I was thinking that maybe it won't work because of my specs, butI don't know enough about computers to be sure about it. Here are my specs :

Is it because of my specs ? I'm suspecting obs or discord for not " using all the connection I have ", I don't know how to clearly say what I think.
I did add obs and discord in the rules of my firewall, but it didn't change anything.
I also read that I had to post a log file, here it is. https://obsproject.com/logs/rqoi2XgXCL0JGD3m
I don't know what information I can provide to help, please tell me if anything is needed
I also did this test :