Question / Help 1440p60fps, GoodPC, artefacts and low fps


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Hello. Today I have tried to record (do not stream) The game that is named World of Tanks at 1440p and 60fps. While recording in game starts The FPS counter which shows 75fps. Maybe it is the reason why videos by OBS have weird squares like low upload streams have. They have also horrible feeling like freezing for micro second or just 30FPS felling as. Screenshots of my settings are below.

I've setting encoder x264 and NVENC both and CBR at 80,000 kbps. NVENC was worse than x264. When I'am using x264 encoder there is 70-80% usage of processor so my build shouldn't be the problem.
My PC:
Nvdia rtx 2070 super
AMD Ryzen 3600
16GB ram


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